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Milwaukee’s Ice Queen

We strive to provide believable princesses for your children's parties & events throughout Wisconsin. It's important that we deliver a magical experience and one of the ways that we ensure this is by casting the right people to play the roles. This will forever be a work in progress as we retire & upgrade gowns on a regular basis. We do always make sure there are some distinctive differences without losing authenticity in order to be "inspired by" the fairytales. We have tons of princess gowns and no two are exactly alike. Our Princess Performers sometimes rent our costumes and some of our Princess Performers have invested in their own costumes for their Primary Princess, which is the princess that they play most often. These beloved fairytale princesses are a specific face shape, eye color, age, height, size, and skin tone, We work hard to create the closest look to the cartoon as we can in Wisconsin with our resources and within our budget.

We have put together a by sides with our Princess Performer vs the cartoon for Queen Elsa from Frozen 1 which is the most requested look!!

Princess Olivia who is primarily Elsa. (Milwaukee/Madison)

This custom gown photographs beautifully.

Princess Olivia is tall & thin like Elsa. She's also roughly the same age as Elsa. She has the sharp chin, big hands, and her eye shape is very similar prior to the makeup routine which includes a berry lip color. All of our Elsas follow this same routine as you will see!

Here's the conscious decisions we've made to be "inspired by!"

1-It's one piece vs the cartoon 3 piece.

2-We chose a faux corset for comfort as they will be playing with children.

3-We went with a more natural blonde color hair & added some curls around the face because the cartoon hairstyle can't easily be replicated on a human and look good.

4-Princess Olivia is quite tall so, the length of the skirt is just right.

5-We chose for a much smaller leg slit to be more conservative.

6-Her cape is detachable and is one piece with small glittery snowflakes vs the split cape with the large Norwegian snowflake from the cartoon.

7- Lastly, We also chose a shade or two darker blue just because it photographs in person much better than the light teal.

You can book Milwaukee's Ice Queen on our website at anc make sure to mention Milwaukee's Ice Queen!

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