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Spilling the Royal Tea

Have you ever wondered who the people are behind the tiaras? How about taking a peek behind the scenes? Ever wonder if you have what it takes to work for Princess My Party?

Visionary Founder & Chief Executive Officer Aimee catches up with Party Performers from over the 9 years! They spill the tea on the best and worst parts of working for Princess My Party, behind the scenes drama, and how their experiences have impacted their lives. They share funny stories and let the listener in on conversations usually shared only between performers!

Aimee Grissmeyer, a highly skilled and passionate individual, laid the foundation for Princess My Party in 2014. With an impressive background as a School Choir, Band, and Drama Director for over 12 years, she nurtured her creative talents and musical expertise. What began as a summer project with a few students has blossomed into her thriving full-time job, as Princess My Party continues to spread joy to countless families.

Aimee's dedication to her craft is evident, as she holds an Associate in Fine Art and a Bachelor of Science in Music Education. Throughout her career, her ensembles achieved remarkable recognition and numerous awards, a testament to her commitment to excellence. Supported by her loving husband and family, Aimee resides in Fond du Lac, WI, while her Party Performers bring magic to celebrations all over Wisconsin. As the heart and soul of the company, Aimee adeptly oversees the grand vision that has become Princess My Party.


Podcast Guests

July 10: Princess Hannah

July 17: Princess Gwendolyn

July 24: Princess Abby

July 31: Princess Julia

Listen here:

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