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Celebrating a Decade of Magic

Celebrating a Decade of Enchantment: The Inspiring

Journey of Princess My Party

In 2014, Princess My Party emerged as a vision by Aimee Grissmeyer, a Music Teacher on a mission to empower high school and college music and drama students. The company took its first steps with four students, initially donned in Prom Dresses and Aprons, serving the Fond du Lac and Oshkosh Area. What started as a local endeavor quickly transformed into a flourishing enterprise, capturing the imagination of children across Wisconsin.

The evolution was swift, doubling the cast size by Fall 2014, and embracing the demand for Princesses at children's parties.

Their commitment to excellence manifested in upgraded costumes and wigs, expanding service areas, and introducing Princes to the ensemble. By their first anniversary, the cast had grown to 18 performers, showcasing a diverse range of talents.

In 2016, the enchantment extended to Superheroes, marking the onset of professional photoshoots at the Paine Arts Center Gardens. The commitment to quality resonated, providing performers with unparalleled opportunities and elevating children's parties to memorable events.

Amidst the growth, 2018 brought public events and heightened charity engagements. A challenging period emerged when Aimee faced a battle with cancer. Tammi Thurow stepped in to manage the business, ensuring its continuity while Aimee focused on her health. Aimee's triumphant return in 2019 was a testament to resilience.

The year 2019 saw Princess My Party navigating financial challenges, prompting structural changes to ensure long-term sustainability. Policies & procedures were put in place to help to address the demands for free appearances & a new contractual arrangement between the performers and the company. This has resulted in the continued success of the company even through this challenge.

2020 marked a surge in popularity, fueled by a professional photoshoot at the Retlaw Hotel and the launch of the renowned Princess Brunch across Wisconsin.

Despite pandemic uncertainties, strategic decisions, and Sara Redeker's pivotal role, Princess My Party not only survived but thrived in 2021.

Aimee's dream came true as every princess united for a historic photoshoot.

In 2022, Unicorn Fairy Princesses captivated audiences, and a Unicorn Princess Party Tour showcased the company's innovation. Growth continued in 2023, expanding into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Now, in their biggest year to date, Princess My Party boasts a cast of 40 performers from across Wisconsin. The "Royals" subgroup, featuring high-performing actresses, leads the charge.

Plans for 2024 include adding 10-15 cast members, introducing "Starstruck" pop star impersonators, launching a monthly magazine, and expanding further into the UP.

As Princess My Party embarks on its 10th year, a "throwback" logo relaunch and a merchandise store are on the horizon. The journey continues, fueled by the visionaries, performers, and supporters who have made Princess My Party a beacon of enchantment.

To explore the magic, visit and join the excitement on social media @princessmyparty!

Onward & Upward in 2024!

Princess My Party


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