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Meet Gwendolyn: July Performer of the Month 2023

We would like to recognize our July Performer if the month, Cast Member Gwendolyn !

Gwendolyn has been Princessing for 3 years and is most often friends with Elsa, Rapunzel, or Cinderella. She has a gorgeous singing voice that enchants her young and old audiences alike.

As a Veteran Party Performer Gwendolyn has performed for more parties & events than she can count. She has some very fond memories that she has made with the children and with other Party Performers. She is a highly requested performer.

Gwendolyn has not only impacted the lives of the children that she has met along the way but, she is also a Party Performer that fellow cast members look up to and want to emulate. Gwendolyn has a sweet, sarcastic, and charming personality that is a win for all the people in her life!

Please help us congratulate Gwendolyn as our July Perfprmer of the Month! Gwendolyn is hanging up her Tiara this month as she is going off to college this fall to study musical theatre! We are sure you'll see her face around PMP as her schedule allows. Thank you Gwen for your 3 year contribution to Princess My Party!

Follow her @princessgwendolyng


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