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Meet Tiffany: February Performer of the Month 2024

We would like to recognize our January Performer if the month, Cast Member Tiffany !

Tiffany has been Princessing for a almost a year and is most often friends with Belle, Alice, Anna Rapunzel, or Tinkerbell. She is an extremely reliable, dependable, outgoing, motivated young woman!

Tiffany is incredibly motivated. She loves to help others, will always pick up gigs when they come in, and even has aquired many of her own costumes which shows her commitment and dedication to the craft of Character Performing!

Tiffany is also very artistic. We have only scratch the surface on what this amazing woman can do.

Please help us congratulate Tiffany as our January 2024 Performer of the Month! She will receive a Swarovski Crystal Tiara to commemorate this achievement!

TikTok @princesstiffany023

Instagram @princess_Tiffany_23


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