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Goal Achieved! Princess Kayla reaches the 100 appearances mark!

Hooray! Princess Kayla joins The 100 Club as she recently did her 100th appearance over her 3 years with Princess My Party!

Here's a peek at the characters that Kayla most often portrays: Rapunzel, Little Mermaid, Descendants Mal, Cowgirl Jessie, Cute Clown Artist, JoJo Siwa, Anna from Frozen, Luna from Harry Potter, Addison Zombie Cheerleader, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Poison Ivy, Princess Peach, Princess Anna, Bluey, Mickey, Elsa

Kayla is a talented singer, dancer, and model. She is fabulous with children, patient, and meek. We call Kayla our "real life princess" because she embodies the essence of royalty whether when working as a Professional Princess, on the Dance Stage, in a musical, or in her daily life.

We would like to congratulate her on passing the 100 appearance milestone! We are blessed to have you on our team. You are a true professional.


We will present Princess Kayla with a new Tiara for her collection for reaching this milestone.

To book Princess Kayla for your party or event visit and request her on the reservation form!

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