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First Look at Our New Cast Members

Updated: Apr 29

Summer is our busiest time of the year and we want to be sure to accept every Royal Invitation to your parties & events so, we recently aquired some new talent that we would like to introduce you to!

Princess Jasmine (Fox Valley)

Yes, her name is really Jasmine so this is an absolute dream come true for her to see herself as her namesake! Jasmine also making an adorable Moana & Tiana as well as mascot characters! She has a lovely voice & is very poised young woman.

Princess Kaitlyn (Fox Valley)

Cosmetologist by day & Princess by night, Princess Princess Kaitlyn is ready to celebrate as Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, And of course Elsa & others. Look for an ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon for a new party option with Princess Kaitlyn! Stay tuned!

Princess Abby (Washington County)

Every picture that Sara took of Princess Abby are absolutely adorable! This girl can’t take a bad photo! Princess Abby is involved in Musical Theatre and becoming a Princess is her “literal dream job!” If you invite her to your party make sure to offer her some pineapple juice, it’s her favorite! Another Taylor Swift fan in our midst will be training to do Taylor Soiree Birthday Parties! Stay tuned! She also does Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Elsa, and others!

Princess Paige (Fond du Lac County)

Princess Paige is generally a mascot performer but, when we found the absolute perfect character to suit her quirky personality we knew she’d pull it off! She plays Paw Patrol, Trolls. Mickey & Minnie etc plus Princess Peach!

Princess Emma (Winnebago County)

Princess Emma isn’t new, in fact she’s been Princessing for two years! She just was on a little break during a sports season but it’s ended & she’s booking now! Emma has done Elsa, Anna, Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, and she LOVES to be Bluey & Bingo! She really does look perfect as Belle.

If you’d like more info on joining our little band of merriment please text PRINCESS to 920-325-6606 today!

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