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We strive to make every single party a magical one. Sometimes there are situations that are beyond our control or we run out of pixie dust. Since this is my behind the scenes blog, I thought I would take an opportunity to share some of our “Party Fails” with you.

From Princess Liza (Veteran Performer, Executive Vice President) Cinderella was celebrating with a little princess and was on the floor playing a game with the children. She tried to stand up but, her heel got caught on the back of her hoop skirt and she face planted on the ground. The one year old boy at the party started to cry because it scared him. Cinderella recovered & carried on with the party as planned & everyone was thrilled.

(Note to Self: Make sure to lift your hoop & petticoat off the ground before standing up)


From Princess Andrea (Veteran Performer, Executive Director) One time Elsa was celebrating at a birthday party with a 2 year old little princess. She was just enraptured by the sequins on the dodice of my dress. Whenever Elsa tried to interact with her she hugged Elsa tight and whispered “boobs.”

(Note to Self: … ummm…. welll….)

From Princess Lizzie (Veteran Performer) Most people don’t know that the paws of our pups are only held onto the foot with an elastic band (like a flip flop) but, Princess Lizzie has very small feet so, it was quite loose. She was dancing to the Cha-Cha Slide and slide to the left right out of her paw! She recovered before any little eyes saw but not before Ryder (Prince Brock) could say “that’s okay Skye, everyone makes mistakes sometimes.”

(Note to Self: Wear shoes inside mascot feet if they are too big)


From Princess Amanda (Performer) Previously I worked for another princess company that is now out of business. My boss decided to dress Anna in her winter dress for a July baseball game in 90 degree heat. I had on the long sleeves, heavy skirt, gloves, hat, mittens, cape...the whole ensemble. Anna got overheated and fainted literally right on top of a two year old little princess. She thought Princess Anna died on top of her!

(Note to Self: Wear the coronation dress in the summer months)


From Princess Margaret (Veteran Performer) Let’s be honest there is not a soul alive that likes to be Branch. I could write an entire blog just on Branch but, I was trying to make a Grand Entrance at the Waldvogel’s Farm Trolls Dance Party but, my big ole troll hair got stuck on the curtain and it toppled to the ground veeeeery slowly.

(Note to Self: Ugh, Branch)

When you do 60-80 events per month with 30+ performers there are bound to be some hilarious outtakes. Practice makes perfect! Til next Monday.

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