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So You Wanna Be a Party Princess?

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess but, very few actually have the opportunity to make this childhood fantasy a reality. If I had a dollar for every beautiful, talented, and sweet girls that have attended Princess My Party auditions I would be rich! The harsh reality is that it takes something extraordinary to actually BE a party princess IRL. Its so much more than just throwing on a Halloween costume & saying "Hey Kids, Its Me Elsa!"

C' can't be that difficult.

Judge for yourself! Here is a rare behind-the-scenes look at becoming Rapunzel. The "Princess Mafia" would smash our tiaras if they knew we shared these secrets!



I have created an online course that all Party Princesses must complete prior to attending any Princess My Party sponsored events. It contains guides, tutorials, and secrets on how to begin to bring the magic alive. Each assignment is concluded with a quiz that they must receive a 100% on to proceed to the next step. Depending on your current princess knowledge this takes 5-8 hours to complete.


I supply the costumes for the Party Princesses in most cases. I purchase costumes only from the most celebrated cosplay designers & wig stylists in the World-Wide Party Princess Community. The average cost of an entire Princess Ensemble is $700.

Princesses store, upkeep, and purchase random smaller costume pieces & accessories (like shoes, hair clips, tights, undergarments). The above is Princess Holly's costume storage bin. I expect the costumes will be steamed, cleaned, and prepped prior to being in the public.

This usually takes 1 hour of prep time.


This is Wisconsin. Its either bitter cold & windy or blazing hot & humid. This is not a wig-friendly climate. LOL. This means that after each weekend the wigs need to "glow up" like Princess Lizzie calls it. Here are some pictures of a major Rapunzel "glow up." This took Princess Lizzie 5 hours. Note: This happened after a particularly rough party with lots of hair pulling, bounce house jumping, and game playing. Then, make sure you purchase a wig cap to cover all of your own hair fully. Use wig glue or a glue stick to cover up those fly aways around your face!


President Abby Murphy has created a 90 minute Rapunzel makeup video tutorial that our princesses must follow. It includes step by step instructions, product suggestions, and tips on achieving Rapunzel's iconic look. We strive for all of our princesses makeup to look very similar. Although we don't require specific products we do strongly encourage specific brands that stand up to sweaty and active party performing & dancing! Prior to their first appearance Princess Performers must do a makeup test and submit it to management for critique & approval. Check out Princess Hannah's Rapunzel Makeup Stash.


Time to do some research! What does Rapunzel say? What stories would she tell? How does she walk? How does she sing? Can I impersonate her voice? Here's Princess Liza singing live at a Princess Ball for 150 little princesses & their kings and queens (moms & dads)!

Here's a quick Rapunzel story that I overheard Princess Holly tell at a party:

"One time when I slept over at Elsa's castle she was pulling my hair so hard that she accidentally froze it! It took us four hours to get it unthawed."

This type of quick on-your-feet thinking is critical to being a Professional Princess. Kids ask the darndest questions and Rapunzel has to answer instantly. Party Princesses are very good at improvisation.

I am a former Choir & Drama Director so, many of the princesses do Skype voice lessons or send me videos of them singing for a critique. Its very important to not only look like a princess but to sing like one, too!

YOU'RE READY! Here's a side by side comparison of our current Rapunzel performers. They are all equally talented in different ways so, I am the best person to cast the princess for your specific party. For example, one Party Princess may excel at balloon twisting and another at dancing. Depending on the package that the client picks, I can accurately cast the best performer. This is also dependent on their schedule that day, where they live, and if the client is willing to pay additional travel fees for a specific performer to travel to them. In all cases, my princesses are outstanding and if for some reason things don't go as planned for the client I will ALWAYS listen, take the critique, give the performer a chance to respond to the client, and make sure that I make it right with them. I stand behind my performers.

If you read this entire blog and got more excited as you read, we should set up a meeting! Send your Actor's Resume, Headshot, and Full Length Photo to me directly at

Wands & Wishes! Aimee

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