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So What's a Princess Ball anyway?

Princess My Party has partnered exclusively with Make-a-Wish Wisconsin for 2019 to host Princess Balls & Princess Brunches all over the state in honor of a 10 year old Wisconsin "Wish Kid" that is living with a brain tumor and would like to go on a Disney Cruise. So what is a Princess Ball/Brunch?

"Every child in Wisconsin should get to experience at least once during their childhood" (John Gordon, Appleton)

Princess My Party has been steadily increasing the amount of ticketed events that we host for non-profit fundraising and 2019 is no exception with the 1st quarter launch of XX Princess Balls & Brunches! So what exactly happens for the $40+ per person price? Let me tell you ladies & gentlemen. It's priceless.


When you arrive our Event Manager will scan your tickets for the ball. Princess Dresses are encouraged! These little cuties have tickets in hand, princess dresses in tow, and smiles on their faces!

DISCLAIMER: Parents can come as you are or dress up however, no princess costumes are allowed to be worn by anyone over the age of 12.

There will be merchandise for sale from Princess My Party and sometimes various vendors & crafters.

Whats the difference between a Princess Ball and a Princess Brunch? Why the price difference?

A Princess Ball & Brunch includes the same activities except the menu is different. Princess Balls include sweets & punch whereas a Princess Brunch includes a full brunch buffet.

The price difference depends on the menu and venue cost. We try to keep tickets for Princess Balls around $30 and Princess Balls around $45 per person. About half of this price is the food cost and venue rental. The balance covers our expenses and the proceeds to go our "wish kid."


When it's time to start the show you will be asked to take your seats. This is where the different types of princess events come in.

1-Princess Brunch: You will be dismissed by table to visit the brunch buffet. After all tables have had the opportunity to eat you are free to make a 2nd trip! Breakfast meats, egg dishes, pastries, and more will be served.

2-Princess Ball: You will be served at your table by the princesses 1 cookie/cupcake and punch.

The princesses will sing & dance for you while you enjoy your meal.


The children will listen to a storytime, do princess lessons, and dance with the princesses. There is plenty of time to mingle, get photos with, dance with, and talk to the princesses and the parents can sit back and relax, dance with the kids, visit the bar if open, and visit our shops during the dancing time. (Except for at one magic moment that will have to just be a surprise!)


At the close of the event each little princess will have the opportunity for a group posed photo with all of the princesses. Our photographer will get a photo and parents are free to take photos as well.

We have a few other surprises loaded into our Magic Wand but, we don't want to giveaway ALL of the surprise! For more information and photos visit our Facebook page as there are many additional photos there. @PrincessMyPartyLtd or #princessmyparty on Instagram


2019 Dates

Sunday, January 6th- Beaver Dam Princess Ball

Sunday, January 20th- Green Bay Princess Brunch SOLD OUT

Sunday, February 10th- Racine Princess Ball SOLD OUT

Sunday, February 17th- Oconomowoc Princess Ball SOLD OUT

Saturday, March 2nd- Janesville Princess Brunch

Sunday, March 3rd- Waupaca Princess Brunch SOLD OUT

Saturday, March 9th- Ft Atkinson Princess Brunch

Saturday, March 30th- Brookfield Princess Brunch

Saturday, April 13th- Watertown Princess Brunch

Saturday, May 11th- Madison Princess Brunch

Sunday, May 12th- Shawano Princess Brunch

Sunday, May 19th- Ripon Princess Brunch

Saturday, June 1st- Sheboygan Princess Brunch

*More Dates for Fall Balls will be added during the summer. We do not tour Princess Balls/Brunches during the summer months.*

Press Contact: Tammi Thurow, Public Relations


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