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So, my "girls" are starting to gain a real following. People are starting to fangirl over the princess performers as people and as princesses. I really never anticipated this happening and didn't really know how to handle the "paparazzi." Moms are attending events specifically to see specific performers and want to see MORE of them. This is the coolest thing. It's like the girls have their own little local celebrity status and its quite charming.

Many times after a birthday party or event we will get messages directed for a specific performer and I would pass them along to the individuals. They LOVE this. The girls that got Christmas cards from the children who's parties they came to, shared photos with us during the holidays, and made sure to wish their favorite princess performers "Happy Holidays" was overwhelming this year. I don't know why I am so surprised. I know how amazing and talented my girls are. I cast them in my company out of literally hundreds of applications. You SHOULD get to know them. They are beautiful human beings! The tricky part for me was to find a way to keep the magic alive while still giving their "fans" a little something more in 2019. I also want to protect their privacy at all costs. I never reveal last names of my performers or even what city they are from without their permission.

My daughter Hannah and I went to see the movie "Christopher Robin" in the theater when it came out. There were two 6-7th grade girls down the row that kept looking at Hannah and smiling at her. She was whispering to her friends "I think that's her." I asked Hannah how she knew the girls and she didn't know but, smiled and waved at the girls before digging into her popcorn. After the movie one of the girls timidly and giggly asked Hannah if she was Anna for Princess My Party. I was shocked. They proceeded to ask her to take a selfie with her. Now, the girls were not of the "still believing in santa" age but, they still followed my company. They proceeded to nervously tell Hannah about how they loved her new Coronation Dress and asked if it was heavy. Hannah, being the queen she is, got out her cell phone and started showing them pictures of the dress from a recent photoshoot. This very visibly made the day of these two middle school girls. The conversation ended with one of the girls saying "I hope I get to be a princess when I get old enough." and Hannah replied "Maybe I will get to perform with you someday!"

Be still, my beating heart. Never in a zillion years did I think this little princess party company that I started in my spare bedroom would grow to be THIS. I totally understand what people mean when they say "I couldn't have even imagined anything like this. "

Flash forward...

Princess My Party has joined the "Party" on Instagram. Now you can follow your favorite Princess My Party performers Instagram (or Prinstagram) accounts! They control the accounts with my help and create and post their own content! Exciting right

Here's FIVE Prinstagram Accounts

you should follow RIGHT NOW!


For a mixture of health, wellness, and fitness inspiration mixed with some princessing. Abby is the President of the Princess My Party Board of Directors and has been with the company since our very first party!


New mommy, new manager of our Playhouse, original Princess My Party cast member. Hannah made headlines a couple of years ago when her Senior Yearbook Photo caused a dust up at Fond du Lac High School.


Retired Party Princess Madi has some amazing princessing memories to share with everyone! Madi is a Princess My Party Brand Ambassador and one of our most recognized performers. She also used to be a magicians assistant and be on the news. She's pretty royal.


Liza is in her Princess Party stride right now. She makes it look effortless. She's also the Vice President of the Board of Directors and was recently promoted to a Brand Ambassador. Liza goes to UW EC and is in an a cappella group.


Flawless. Seriously, guys. She's so perfect! Andrea is also our "Princess Boss." She's in charge of keeping all of the princesses organized, planning their parties, and making sure that our company is running smoothly. She has the best princess content. Seriously, follow her!

More Prinstagrams coming! We are also working with an aspiring producer that is also a cast member on producing a web series similar to Keeping Up with the Kardashians but, with our princesses!

Can't get enough? Search the Hashtag #PRINCESSMYPARTY on Instagram for more content from our princesses!

Pictured Above:

Moana: @love.princessbella

Elsa: @Princess_Andrea_PMP

Belle: @PrincessEmilyPmp

Tiana: @PrincessAisa_Pmp

Rapunzel: @Princess_Cass_Eliz

Ariel: @Princess.Aindraya

Brand Ambassador: @PrincessLizaaaa

Company Owner: @Coach_Fairygodmother

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