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Princesses Then & Now

It's no secret that most little girls want to be a princess when they grow up. These lucky ladies have realized their dreams. We wanted to share some photos of our little princesses with current photos. How cute, right?

Princess Liza fulfilled her dream of being The Little Mermaid.

Princess Cassidy has been preparing for her role as Snow White since childhood.

Once a princess, always a princess, Angie!

Princess Holly dressed as a Fairy Princesses for Halloween as a child!

We are cooing over this adorable photo of baby Princess Madi!

Princess Lizzie never wanted to be a princess. She wanted to be a rabbit!

Looks like Princess Libby has The Little Mermaid's fishy face down pat since childhood!

We can't even with Princess Aisa's adorable cuteness. She's got that lean down.

Princess Chelsea is currently filming a movie in LA but, she wanted to play, too!

From a puppy to a chameleon with Princess Ella!

Princess Hannah has always liked to play dress up!

As you can see these princesses have been preparing for the role of their lifetime for years. If you are interested in living this dream click "Join Our Team" at

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