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Madi's Princess Life

Once upon a time there was an enchanting princess named Madelynn that reigned the Kingdom of Sheboygan with her lightheartedness, virtuous nature, and sweet smile. Princess Madi grew up being active in school, church, and was a Magicians Assistant. When she became older she studied modeling at John Cassablanca's modeling school. Madi's parents and sisters encouraged her to pursue her dreams of being a true princess thru trips to Disney, attending her shows, and allowing her to follow her heart. In the Spring of 2016 Madelynn joined the cast of Princess My Party and is now the Managing Director due to her professionalism, her gorgeous voice, and her love for children. Princess My Party's CEO had the opportunity to sit down with Madi for an exclusive interview about her 4 year journey with Professional Princessing.

Aimee: How did you get into Professional Princessing?

Madi: I applied via Facebook. I waited so long to apply because I was nervous that the interviews were being conducted the next day. Luckily, I got a spot. There were a total of 13 candidates for ONE open spot. I thought it would be a great experience but I didn't think I had a chance. I left the interview feeling super positive about myself because my soon-to-be Fairy Godmother told me that I sang like Elsa. When I got the call that I was being offered the contract I had to put the phone on mute because I was crying & screaming I was so excited!

Aimee: I remember making that call. I never imagined we'd be here 4 years later! Do you remember what princess you were hired to be?

Madi: Well, all of our princesses play multiple roles but, I was hired for Cinderella primarily.

Aimee: You were our original Cinderella! The new live action movie had just come out. Who is your favorite princess?

Madi: Well, my favorite princess is Belle but, my favorite princess to portray is still Cinderella. No matter how grim her life looked she always met the day with a smile and a song. She is always courageous and kind.

Aimee: What was your most memorable moment as Cinderella? Madi: I remember a dad coming up to me crying because his autistic daughter bonded with me really quickly. It moved him to tears. That was the first time my heart really saw the magic we make working. This is so much bigger than throwing on a costume and saying "Hey Kids, its me, Cinderella." You have to relate to your character. Find something in them that you can relate to, and go with it! You have to be passionate while princessing, because if you aren't it really shows.

Aimee: That's so true! Everyone wants to be a princess until they see what actually goes into it. Its a lot of hard work! So, Cinderella is your fav. Who is your least fav?

Madi: For me the most difficult princess to portray is Snow White. She is so proper and meek that its difficult to lead a party while staying in character.

Aimee: Now that you are a Retired Professional Princess what are you up to?

Madi: Well, I am now the Managing Director of Princess My Party so, I work with the princesses on a daily basis getting them prepared for their parties & events, helping them plan activities, coordinate costumes, and helping them with research for their roles. My favorite thing about being the Managing Director is that I get to connect with all of the cast members on a very different level. I get to see them grow and flourish into this amazingly gorgeous performer, when they didnt even see it in themselves. I have A LOT of hobbies, because I just love to learn new things. I make organic homemade products, dream catchers, sketch, and so much more. I also have 6 other jobs beyond princess my party, but being the managing director is definitely my favorite! Finally, I am a full-time student at Lakeland University.

Aimee: Do you sleep? Wait... no you don't because when I have a question at 2 am I always know that you'll get back to me right away.

Madi: Yep. The super secret behind the scenes stuff is something that most people don't know anything about. All of the training, research, practice, bonding, and then all of the technical business stuff. So much work goes into each event or party.

Aimee: What tip do you have for current or future professional princesses that you can share?

Madi: A makeup tip for new makeup artists would definitely be to have a lighter foundation or concealer, so that the bronzer and contour doesn't make you look too dark, then BLEND BLEND BLEND. Often people go with a match to their skin color with peach undertones, when the yellow undertones are better for character makeup.

Aimee: Brilliant tip! Princess Makeup can be tricky. We should make a big pile of everyone's princess makeup to show people all the steps it takes to get the look down.

Madi: I think we would need a pretty large room or panoramic photo!

Aimee: Thanks for sitting down with me today! We look forward to seeing you at our events!

Madi: Thank you for having me! Im excited to see where Princess My Party's 5th year goes!

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