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Health & Safety Precautions

With NFL Football Games, School Events, and other in person activities up and running we feel that it’s time to tour again. BUT we want to do so as safely as possible. Please take a look at the precautions we are taking above to ensure we are doing our part to keep everyone safe. The rest is upto you!

2020-2021 were extremely difficult on our small business. There were simply no parties to plan and venues were close. We lost hundreds in deposits to venues that weren’t as lucky as we were to make it through.

it effected so many of us:

*Our Performers rely on these events as a source of income

*Costume makers had nothing to make. *Wig stylists had nothing to style. *Photographers had nothing to shoot. *Managers had no parties to plan. *Costume Transporters had nothing to transport.

This resulted in difficult times for many people involved in our company. We have to operate as usual with precautions in place in order for our business to survive. We appreciate your support.

Have a Magical Day!

Jeremy & Aimee (Owners)

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