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Finding Her Voice: Abby Bellmer’s journey from Party Princess to Jazz Singer.


Step into a world of enchantment and inspiration with our latest podcast episode featuring the incredible journey of our original PMP Cast Member, Abby Bellmer! 🎤✨

Join us as Abby takes us on a magical trip down memory lane, sharing her cherished moments and experiences as a Party Performer. From donning the iconic roles of Elsa and Belle to exploring a diverse array of beloved characters, Abby's passion for spreading joy and delight to young hearts shines through. 💫

In this captivating episode, Abby also offers valuable advice for parents seeking the perfect Party Performer for their child's special day. Her insights and tips are a treasure trove for creating unforgettable memories! 🎈🎁

But that's not all! Abby's journey with Princess My Party was just the beginning of her extraordinary tale. Discover how her time as a Party Performer led her to pursue her dream as a Professional Jazz Singer in the vibrant city of El Paso, Texas. 🎶🎵

This is a podcast episode you won't want to miss! Tune in on Spotify to hear Abby's inspiring story of growth, transformation, and the magic that lies within each of us. 🌟

I met Abby Bellmer when she was in the 7th grade. I was her Choir Teacher. I knew then that Abby had the “it” factor and it just needed time to develop. Over my time as her teacher we did solo & ensembles, she had many solos, and was part of our Show Choir.

I cast Abby, (as a freshman) to play Annie in our school’s production. This was a bold move and of course I took some heat for it. Casting a freshman as the lead is unheard of in high school shows usually but, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she could carry this show. And she did. And it was wonderful. And I had a front row seat.

I also took Abby, along with a select few other promising students over the years, to a recording studio to record a song. Abby showed me how seriously she took this experience. She was prepared, coachable, and had a really positive energy. I knew she had a Drive & desire to pursue music professionally but again, needed time to develop.

When I started Princess My Party, a Children’s Party Entertainment Company, Abby was the natural choice to join Hannah (my daughter) and see if we can get out there and perform & also get paid to do it. Abby was there from day one.

Because of the rapport we already had she trusted me to put her into these characters and support her development even more.

Abby & Hannah became the dynamic “Snow Sisters” duo. They did birthday parties, fundraisers, hospital visits, corporate events, and other shows as these beloved sisters. In the process, they became the closest thing to being a sister as you can be. They had so much in common that they authentically WERE The Snow Sisters.

They became so close that Abby was literally in the room when Hannah had her first child.

Abby stated in her podcast interview that after Princess My Party and her move to Texas she got away from music for a while but, something kept drawing her back.

After being approached after singing karaoke about performing in lounges and clubs Abby put together a carefully crafted set list and started auditioning. She is now a full time Jazz Singer in El Paso, Texas with 6-9 shows weekly at various locations in town.

This is Abby’s dream come true. From that 15 year old girl singing “Tomorrow” in Annie to establishing a full time schedule as a Professional Jazz Singer in Texas!

All of the development, the time & patience, the little steps and nudges have finally come to fruition! She manifested this in the absolute best possible way by allowing her path to come at the right time.

It is a pleasure to have been a small part of this fierce woman’s incredible story is humbling. She has it all at her fingertips!

Instagram @AbbyBellmer


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