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DIY Mascot Rental

Do you have a family member or friend that would be willing to jump into a mascot costume for your child’s party or special event?

Princess My Party is now offering DIY Mascot Rentals! You complete a contract & pay the rental fee and security deposit, pick up & return the mascot, and do it yourself to SAVE MONEY! We have 1-4 day rentals depending on the needs of your party and your schedule to pick up & return it in Fond du Lac!

Mascots are equipped with AirTags so we can track them and you will get your full deposit back when you return them in the same condition you received them. As long as you are responsible and careful with the costumes it should be very easy!

Mascot Rental:

1 Day: $75 (8am-8pm)

2 Days: $100 (8am day 1 - 8am day 2)

3 Days: $130 (8am day 1 - 8pm day 3)

4 Days: $165 (8am day 1 - 8pm day 4)

Plus $150 refundable security deposit

Choose from Popular Mascots like

*mascot sizing is one size fits most but ask for sizing details!

We will even include a helpful training video on how to be a mascot to help you make the appearance magical and SAVING MONEY!

To learn more or to book this brand new service please click here!

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