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Create Magical Memories: Stress-Free Birthday Parties with Princess My Party

Imagine the look on your child's face when their favorite character shows up to their birthday party! At Princess My Party we offer over 200 character options for children's parties & events throughout Wisconsin. For the past nine years we have been helping parents create magical memories!

When you hire our company for your child's birthday party entertainment, you are guaranteed to create unforgettable magical memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Our talented performers bring beloved characters to life, immersing children in a world of wonder and delight. From captivating storytelling to interactive games and activities, every moment is filled with enchantment and joy, making your child's special day truly extraordinary.

We offer several different packages to fit your party's specific needs and budget.

BRONZE PACKAGE is for Mascots Only. Mascots are characters in full fur suits that do not speak. As we are sure you can understand vision is limited in mascot costumes so, with the Bronze Package we kindly ask that you guide the mascot & assist them when appropriate.

SILVER PACKAGE is the upgrade from the Bronze Package. It includes 2 performers. One will be the Mascot Character and the other will be the Party Host to lead activities and assist the mascot. This is highly recommended for those looking for entertainment more than photo opportunities.

GOLD PACKAGE is perfect for a princess or hero type party where you'd like the character to entertain the guests, make the birthday child feel special, and engage with guests for an hour. Plenty of time for both candid and posed photos!

DIAMOND PACKAGE is the perfect choice if you're looking for both character entertainment and face painting! Our Performers will use quality face paint & gemstones to create fun party looks for your guests!

PLATINUM PACKAGE is made for the child (or parent) that wants it all! Two hours of entertainment! Just add cake!!

These packages are exclusively for private parties & events. If you're looking for options for other type appearances please contact us!

1-Meet & Greet: The character will mingle and meet with every child. They can do high fives, curtsey, hugs, and just chat with the characters. We want to make sure every guest feels special, especially the birthday child so this is a charming part of the experience.

2-Photo Opportunities: ALL PACKAGES INCLUDE TIME for candid & posed PHOTOS! Make sure you have your cameras ready, phones charged, and plenty of space to capture the magic. Our performers are trained on how to pose for photos & many have modeling experience so, they will do their best to make your photos perfect.

3-Sing & Dance Along: Our Princess Performers are vocally trained and will sing along to your child's favorite songs. She will bring a portable speaker to play music from. If you have a large space & a dj please let us know so we can plan accordingly! ALL of our characters LOVE to dance!

4-Themed Game: The Character will lead a game or activity that is themed to their character specifically and is age appropriate. They will also take into account space. Parents are encouraged to play the games along with the children.

5-Wish Ceremony: This is a special ceremony that all of the children can participate in. They will make a wish & receive a special bracelet along with an instruction card to take home.

6-Tiara for the Birthday Girl: A crowning ceremony will be lead making the birthday girl a True Princess! If a tiara is not appropriate for the character, a similar substitution will be made to fit the theme.

7-Autograph Cards: Each guest will be given an autograph card to take home. The character will personalize each card at the party. Mascot Aitograph Cards will be presigned. The character may ask the parent to include the card in their take home goodie bags. (Not provided)

8-Glitter Tattoos: This is super popular right now! The performer can apply glitter tattoos with cosmetic grade glitter & glue to the child's arms, legs, or cheek. Glitter tattoos are for children ages 3+ only. It takes 2-3 minutes per child to apply them. They are easily removed with hand sanitizer.

9-Face Painting with Face Gems. The performer will do quick paint & gem designs on all of the children. It takes 3-4 minutes per child to do this.

Performers use only paint that is used for faces.

10-Mini Makeovers: Each child will receive eye, cheek, and lip color along with a quick bun or ponytail. It takes 4-5 minutes per child to do the makeover. Performers will use one time use clean brushes.

11-Balloon Animals: The performer will make balloon animals, hats, swords, flowers, etc for the party guests. Please note that weather effects balloons and they may pop easier in some temperatures. It takes 2-3 minutes per child to Twitter them a balloon.

12-RSVP Phone Call: If you would like your child in on the action you can have them "send" an invitation to the character and the week of the party the character will call to RSVP! Due to scheduling we cannot guarantee a specific time but if you don't answer we will leave a voicemail which might be even better because you can keep it & record their reaction.

We hope this helps you decide on the best package for your party! Please book 4-6 weeks in advance minimum. Weekends fill fast. We will consider last minute bookings on a case by case basis. Any party booked with less than 14 days notice may be subject to a last minute booking fee.

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