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Becoming Belle.

One of the questions that we have been asking during casting interviews since day one is "who is your favorite princess & why?" Most of the time the answer is: Belle. (We actually have an inside joke that if anyone ever said Elsa was their fav we would end the interview. Not b/c Elsa isn't ah-mazing but b/c princess performers quickly realize that Elsa she steals the spotlight eh. very. time. leaving her princess friends in a dusty snow flurry.) So, what actually happens when an audition goes well and you actually get to "become Belle."

Season 9 & 10 Performer Jenna was a "Beauty" as Belle at our Summer 2018 press photoshoot PC: Jab Jam Photography

STEP ONE: HOMEWORK Before putting on that beautiful gold ballgown our princesses must do their homework. They must they don't already have this one on VHS, DVD, and Blu Ray already... the 1991 animated film, the 2017 live action film, and the 2016 direct to video "Enchanted Christmas" and watch them! (Don't you wish all homework was this cool?) Princesses-in-Training find that its a different experience to watch the films to study them vs. watching for enjoyment so, they are excited to experience their favorite film in a brand new light! Most of the time they take notes on subtle details, catch phrases, mannerisms, minor character names, and anything else that they think will help them to begin to make the magic happen.

Sometimes study viewings get a little "extra" with french themed cuisine. (PC: Into Lindsey's Life)

STEP TWO: PARTY PLAN Every party & event that we host has a party plan. It's similar to a lesson plan that teachers would use b/c I'm a former teacher so, #teacherbrainprobs

The party plan contains important info on how the princess is going to make magic at each individual party and follows a specific format. (Princess Boss Coaching & Online Course for Company Owners coming in summer 2019)

This magical decree is then submitted to our Executive Director Andrea for review and approval. Of course as every teacher knows sometimes the best laid plans are thrown out the window since we are walking into someone else's home that we have never been to before with children that we have never met before so, Andrea can coach the performers on ways to adapt the plan for different party dynamics.

In my imagination all of my princesses have a princess computer to send in their party plans. Its an upgrade from a magic mirror. (PC: VTECH Toys)

STEP THREE: MAKEUP Our President Abby has created a meticulous makeup guide for Princess Belle (b/c its her fav too). She has a video tutorial as well as a laminated makeup guide with color swatch samples and written instructions. (This will also be included in the Princess Boss course) So, the next step is to do a makeup test. All of our princesses are very good with makeup to begin with but, practice makes perfect! Plus what 20 something girl doesn't want to spend an evening playing with her makeup? These test photos are also submitted to Vice President and Veteran Performer Liza for critique & approval. If one of our princesses-in-training is less experienced with makeup and needs some extra magic Liza will arrange for an in-person coaching at the princess-in-training's house with a seasoned performer.

Selfie of Veteran Princess Performer Lizzie who joined the cast back in Season 6 & is sort of a big deal around here. (PC: Lizzie)

STEP FOUR: WIG It's starting to get real! It's time to get all their natural hair underneath a wig cap & carefully and gently put on that gorgeous wig! Wigs should be cared for & put on like its an expensive tiara b/c Belle wigs ain't cheap!

One of our favorite wig makers posted this photo in natural light. (PC: Royal Enchantments)

STEP 5: BALLGOWN! BALLGOWN! BALLGOWN! Time to slip into something less comfortable! Our gorgeous golden ballgown, shapewear, petticoat, hoop skirt, nylons, character shoes, & gloves. Before our princesses take a look at themselves for the first time in the completed look we encourage them to do a quick breath meditation for energy & focus. THEN, its time to take a look in the mirror and take Belle out for a spin...I mean "twirl!" We have plenty of secrets & stories about the reaction that brand new Belles have the first time they "Become Belle."

We asked a few of current Belle performers why they love her so much.

For every little girl that dreams of fairytales, magic wands, and beautiful ballgowns: Maybe someday you will be on your own journey to "Becoming Belle." Until then we will keep your dreams safe at Princess My Party Ltd.

Check in next Monday for a new behind-the-scenes blog!

Wands & Wishes-


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