The Little Miss Princess My Party pageant started in 2017 as a way for Princess My Party to find mini-princess delegates to be company models, spokes princesses, attend parades, and charitable work with the princesses.



The pageant is held at the beginning of each new school year. The pageant contestants are asked to portray the same princess throughout the pageant in Formal Princess Wear, Casual Wear (Princess Day Off), Talent, Onstage Question, and Pre-Pageant Interview. The division winners are crowned at the pageant with a tiara & sash. All participants will receive a participation ribbon mailed to them after the pageant. Division 1: Age 3-4, Division 2: Age 5-6, Division 3: Age 7-8.


princess pageant


Division 1 Titleholder Sophia. She is the princess of King James & Queen Susan. Sophia’s favorite princess is Aurora and she portrayed Aurora at the pageant. Her favorite things to do are gymnastics, dancing, and eating cheeseburgers. Sophia’s talent is dance.



Division 2 Titleholder Layla!  She is the princess of Queen Bryant and Queen Jenna. Layla’s favorite princess is Cinderella and she portrayed Cinderella at the pageant. Layla’s favorite things to do are play with her bunnies, eating broccoli, coloring with pink crayons, and dance class. Layla’s talent is dance.



Division 3 Titleholder Sarianne. She is the princess of King Josh and Queen Lora. Sarianne’s favorite princess is Belle and she portrayed Belle at the pageant. Sarianne’s favorite things to do are horseback riding, art, and being a big sister. Sarianne’s talent is displaying her art work.



Congratulations to all 18 children that competed in the 2017 pageant. We look forward to next year’s pageant on September 8th, 2018. Registration information for the 2018 pageant will be available June 1st, 2018 here on our website.


If you might be interested in competing in the 2018 pageant, please leave us your email address & we will send you a reminder email! Submit Email Here.


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