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What’s the Deal with Unicorns?

Unicorns are pretty awesome, let’s be real. We sat down with Princess Cupcake, a Princess that actually HAS a unicorn named Sprinkles to get the inside scoop on what makes unicorns so magical!

8. Baby Unicorns are called “Sparkles!” How absolutely fitting!

7. A Unicorn with wings is called a Pegasus! Flying unicorns?! Aaahhh!

6. The word “Unicorn” literally means One Horn! How literally perfect!

5. Unicorns are VERY hard to catch! It took Princess Cupcake 18 years to finally catch one! She named her Sprinkles!

4. Unicorns have been around for centuries and have inspired countless songs and stories!

3. Stories of unicorns span almost every culture in the world! Making them popular with children all around the world!

2. Unicorns tears have healing qualitiEd. Even one unicorn tear is said to be able to heal its owner!

AND the #1 BEST THING about Unicorns!

  1. Unicorns Eat Rainbows!!!!! What?!?! yes! You read that right!

Want to learn more? Join us at one of our Unicorn Princess Parties & ask REAL Unicorn Princesses what it’s like to have a Unicorn! Coming to a city near you in 2022! Perfect for kids ages 3-8!

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