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The Importance of Making Magic: Julia’s Princess Journey


Learn how Princess Julia’s journey as a Party Performer started and how it has impacted her life. Through perseverance, kindness, and dedication Julia has quickly risen to the top of the PMP Talent Pool. Her passion for making magic is evident in everything that she does.

Julia began her journey in November 2022. She originally performed as a mascot in order to gain her bearings as a party performer, studying under our most talented entertainers. After she completed training and did mascots she stepped into the role of Snow White.

Snow White is Julia’s favorite princess so she was a natural choice for this role. We invested in a beautiful gown for her which really brings the character to life. It is, by far, her favorite princess to portray.

Julia also performs as Rapunzel, Briar Rose, Anna, Moana, Belle, and Barbie! She also loves mascotting. She is really good at it! She’s very enthusiastic which makes her a joy for everyone to interact with, even without talking! Due to her ethnicity she is a versatile performer!

Julia has had many amazing interactions with children over the past nearly year with the company. As well as being a Party Performer Julia loves Event Hosting and excels in this lane as kids tend to gravitate to her. Julia also is a school photographer and bartender. She is from Wausau, Wisconsin.

Julia was named March 2023 Performer of the Month due to her consistent great reviews, great communication with our team, and helpfulness she has displayed. She is definitely an asset to the company. We are blessed to have her on our team.

Julia sat down with Aimee to discuss the best (and worst) parts of the job. Her candid interview hits on hard topics like how making magic has helped her heal from past trauma, how parents can make or break their child’s experience with a character, and what she hopes to accomplish over the next year with PMP!

Catch her podcast here:

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