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Princess Glimmers

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

GLIMMERS are those points in your day that you feel joy, happiness, peace, or gratitude! It's the opposite of a trigger and once you've trained yourself to look for GLIMMERS you will see more and more of them! Inviting a Princess to their Birthday Party is super to make the whole place GLIMMER!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, we've got the fairest of them all for your party! The Apple Princess, with her timeless beauty and pure heart, is ready to grace your celebration with her presence.


Awaken the magic as Sleeping Princess graces your party with her presence! With her elegance and grace, she'll add a touch of regal splendor to your celebration. Get ready for a fairy tale adventure!


Roll out the royal carpet, because Cinderella herself is gracing your event with her presence! With her timeless grace and elegance, she'll sweep in wearing her iconic glass slippers and transform your party into a magical ball.


Get ready to make a splash under the sea as Mermaid Princess joins your celebration. With her enchanting voice and a shimmering tail, she'll regale your guests with tales of underwater adventures and might even share a dinglehopper or two!


Get ready to soar to new heights with Jasmine! Her adventurous spirit and royal grace will make your party an Arabian night to remember. Prepare for a magical ride on a flying carpet of fun!


Be our guest as Beauty steps into your world! This book-loving beauty will bring a touch of French charm to your party. She'll captivate everyone with her intelligence and love for stories, making your event a tale as old as time.


Connect with the spirit of the wind arrives at your party! Her deep connection to nature and wisdom will make your celebration an earthy and enlightening experience. Get ready to paint with all the colors of the wind!


Get your bows and arrows ready because Merida is coming to your party! Her adventurous spirit and fierce independence will add a wild touch to your event. Get ready for some Highland games and archery challenges!


This Princess, a brave warrior, is joining your ranks! Her determination and honor will inspire everyone at your party. Get ready for martial arts and bravery lessons that will leave your guests in awe!


Welcome the culinary princess, to your party! With her love for cooking and dreams of owning a restaurant, she'll serve up a delicious dose of fun. Get ready for some mouthwatering adventures!


Let down your hair and invite Tower Princess to your party! Her long, magical locks and artistic talents will add a splash of creativity and fun to your celebration. Get ready for a day filled with glowing lanterns and dreams come true!


I'm figuring out what being a princess is all about! I'm a popular choice amongst young girls and I love sharing everything I learned so far in my princess training!

Calling all adventurers! The Latina Princess , the brave and resourceful princess, is ready to transport your party to the vibrant realm of Avalor. With her tales of courage and resilience, Elena will lead a thrilling treasure hunt for hidden gems and mystical treasures. Gather 'round for traditional Latin American music and dance, as Elena showcases the rich culture of her kingdom. This princess knows that family and friendship are treasures beyond compare, so get ready for a fiesta full of fun and unity.

The fearless and fun-loving sister, is on her way to your party! With her charming personality and love for all things cozy, she'll warm the hearts of everyone at your event. Get ready for some snowman-building adventures!

The Snow Queen, is back with more frosty magic and sisterly love. Get ready for a double dose of chilly fun! Let it go and welcome the Ice Queen, to your party! With her icy powers and warm heart, she'll bring a flurry of frosty magic to your event. Brace yourselves for a blizzard of fun!

Moana is so epic, she deserves a second invite! Join her for another epic voyage filled with adventure and heartwarming moments. Get ready to sail the seas once more!

Step into a world of pure enchantment with the Unicorn Princess! This mythical creature brings the magic of the forest to your party, complete with stories of whimsical adventures in the enchanted woods. Kids can craft their own unicorn horns and embark on a unicorn-themed scavenger hunt to find hidden treasures. Capture the enchantment with a rainbow-inspired photo shoot alongside the mystical unicorn. Whether it's a fairy-tale tea party or a quest for hidden wonders, the Unicorn Princess will make your event a fantasy-filled delight.


We have three unique package options for your princess parties! These packages have been created to make GLIMMERS for children of all ages!

Please book 4-6 weeks in advance for the best options! If you have less than 4 weeks til your party it never hurts to ask us if we have last minute openings!

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