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Meet Julia: March Performer of the Month 2023

Help us congratulate our February Performer of the Month: Julia!

Julia has been with the company since 2022! She has performed at parties & events as Belle, Moana, Anna, Snow White, and others!

As well as being a Party Performer she is also a bar tender that has a base of regular customers that realize how great she is! She aspires to own her own bar someday!

She's done everything from public events to our community events!

“Julia is a kind person. She is polite & respectful. She is comfortable memorizing lines, live-streaming, and in person at events. She has a lovely singing voice and is a people person. I'm blessed to have her on my team" states Princess My Party CEO Aimee.

Julia has grown exponentially as a Princess Performer and we are excited to continue to support her growth!

For these reasons and more we would like to congratulate Julia on being our March 2023 Performer of the Month!

We thank Julia for her loyalty & dedication to Princess My Party.

Princess My Party Performer of the Month is published on the 15th of each month to highlight and recognize an outstanding performer for their loyalty & dedication to making magical moments with Princess My Party! The Performer of the Month receives a cash bonus and a crystal tiara.


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