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A Real Life Dream Come True

In a rare interview we break the 4th wall and reveal what the Professional Princesses at Princess My Party say about working in the industry as their favorite princesses!

Writing “Professional Princess” on your resume is something only a select few very fortune women can do. As we are sure you can understand having a “job” as a Professional Princess is an absolute dream come true for our Actresses. We caught up with eight of these amazing humans at their Princess Tea Party Photoshoot and asked them what it means to them to bring these classic characters to life for children in the Midwest!

Photo: Princess Casey of Rockford as her favorite princess! Q: What does being a Professional Princess mean to you?

A: Each character has their own unique narrative and experience: a little something that everyone can relate to on their individual journeys. The boldness and passion of Belle; the perseverance and gentle-heartedness of Cinderella; the intuitive, pioneering nature of Moana. Being able to embody these archetypes of self-discovery for people of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances is an honor I take great joy in!

Photo: Princess Eliza of Milwaukee as her favorite princess!

Q: Is being a Professional Princess a lot of work? A: All of the hours you invest in costume care, wig maintenance, character training, learning to face paint and twist balloons lead up to the moments where you're reminded why you do it: seeing children believe in and experience magic.

Photo: Princess Kristia of Freeport as The Queen!

Q: What advice would you give to someone that wants to get into the Professional Princess Industry?

A: The magic comes from within. We all have it and I want to inspire others to use it. The magic of kindness, compassion, selflessness, quirkiness, bravery, service, love, adventure and zest for life! Be authentically and magically ❤️

Photo: Princess Jennie of Freeport as The Apple Princess

Q: What does being a Professional Princess mean to you?

A: Being a professional princess to me means slipping away into a land of beauty, kindness and being from a magical kingdom of joy. Making every child’s dream of meeting a princess become a lifetime memory.

Photo: Princess Gwendolyn of Fond du Lac as her favorite princess.

Q: What is it like to be a Professional Princess as a job? A: Being a princess is truly magical. I became a party princess thinking it was purely a performance job where I could apply my acting and singing skills. I soon realized that it’s WAY more than that! It’s making memories that last forever, seeing kids faces light up with joy, and really being happy to to go work!

Photo: Princess Melissa of Berlin as her favorite Snow Sister.

Q: What is the best part of being a Professional Princess? A: There’s no better feeling in the world than walking into the party and seeing the huge smile as the child runs over and gives you the biggest hug. The wonder in their eyes really melts your heart and makes you feel like you truly are a princess.

Photo: Princess Angela of Colby as Sleeping Beauty.

Q: What do you tell people that ask about being a Professional Princess?

A: As adults we always hear those conversations with others complaining about their jobs. I honestly tell people all the time, "I love my job." With every character there's new interactions that are so sweet and special. With every smile, every burst of laughter, every dance lesson my heart beams with joy. I truly have the best job ever.

Photo: Princess Beth of Milwaukee as her favorite beauty-ful princess

Q:What is the most magical thing about being a Professional Princess? A: People say there is magic and beauty in everyday things, and nobody knows that better than a Professional Princess. We may portray characters with everything from hearts of gold to magical powers (although elsa always seems to leave her snow magic back in Arendelle), the most magical thing about being a Professional Princess is the everyday interactions - the smiles, the laughter, the dancing, the silliness. we get to see people of all ages have their eyes lit up when cinderella walks through the door, when belle waves hello, or when Little Mermaid sings a song. There is nothing more amazing than the impact that our magic has, and it makes those everyday, commonplace things like smiles and laughter seem all the more beautiful.

So, as much is having a princess at her party is HER dream come true, it’s also a dream come true for the performer who is inevitably living out their dream of being a Professional Princes! They want the party to be just as magical & memorable as you do. They work hard (and play hard) to make magical moments right before your eyes. You will remember these things for the rest of your life, so will she!

Visit to invite a princess to her party! Please book 4-6 weeks in advance for the best choices!

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