Princess My Party prides itself on employing the most talented and qualified children’s entertainers in the state. Our actor’s impressive resumes include theatrical, film, and television credits, modeling credits, acting and music training and elite classes, as well as athletic and academic superiority.

Our actors work to plan and customize each party with our two Wisconsin DPI Certified Elementary School Teachers with a combined 30 years of teaching experience to plan age appropriate themed games for your party or event. Our CEO is also a professional singer, and acting and vocal coach who works with the princesses to ensure the quality of their musical performances and trains the actors to present an accurate portrayal of the fairytale characters that your child knows and loves. Our characters wear custom wigs, costumes, and accessories to ensure quality and believability in the characters. Each actor is intensively trained on makeup techniques, posing, voice acting, and more to ensure the highest level of accuracy in portraying each character. Our actors also are trained in face painting and balloon twisting to add a special element to your party or event. Without further ado, meet the cast!

Photos by: Zimbleman Photography

Meet the Cast Hannah


Characters: Any character by request Veteran Performer

Theatrical Credits: Betsy-Crazy for You, Dori-School House Rock Live, Sandy – Grease, Boopie Doo Girl- Sandy Wilson’s The Boyfriend, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella- Child, Peach-A Writers Mind, Old Woman-Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly, DW- Arthur’s Birthday Surprise, Reporter- Case of the Mysterious Missing Ring, Enchanted-Mouse

Film/Television Credits: Film Extra-From the Furnace, Film: Young Johanna- The Ornament. Television: Extra-Chicago PD Television: Extra-Chicago Fire Model: Sonntag Photography , Live Acting: Freak Show Barker, Corpse Bride, Dorothy Gale, Lost Girl- Ghosts of Galloway Haunted Village

Training: Choir, Liturgy Choir, Glee Club, Forensics, Broadway Bound Theatre Camp, UW Whitewater Drama Camp, Solo & Ensemble, Clark Ausloos Private Acting Coach, Jacob Voigt Master Acting Class Lee Strassberg Method, Second City Comedy Acting Class

Parent Feedback: “If Anna from Frozen was a real person, it would be this girl.” “So patient & kind.” “Professional.”

meet the cast Cassie


Characters: Any character by request. Veteran Performer

Theatrical Credits: Annie (Kate), Disney’s Beauty & the Beast (Silly Girl), Red Velvet Cake War (Peaches), Disney’s Beauty & the Beast (Madame Le Grand Bouche), Wizard of Oz (Glinda the Good Witch), Around the World in 80 Days (Passeparout)

Performance Training: Choir, Show Choir, Band, Forensics, Drama, Private lessons in voice, flute, guitar and piano, 11 years of Martial Arts Training, UW Madison Summer Music Camp, Lawrence University’s “Showing Off” Summer Theatre Camp, Ripon College Music Department

Awards: WSMA Exemplary Soloist Award, WSMA State Solo & Ensemble Award (10), Wisconsin State Honors Choir, State Forensics in Prose and Farrago.

Parent Feedback: “Energetic” “Maria had an organized plan of what to do with the kids. We had a really good time.” “What a gorgeous voice.”


meet the cast Tricia


Characters: Any character by request. Veteran Performer 

Theatrical Credits: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Ensemble), The Sound of Music (Ensemble), Dick DeYoung’s Royal Magic Show (Assistant), Sheboygan Local News (Anchor) 

Awards: National Honor Society, WSMA State Solo & Ensemble, Choir Officer 

Performance Training: Choir, 11 years of Dance, Sunday School Teacher, Experience working with disabled children, Forensics, Debate, John Cassablanca’s Modeling School Classes, Cheerleading Dance Team 

Certifications: CPR Certified, Red Cross First Aid Certification 

Parent Feedback: “She was fantastic.” “Amazing.” “I will recommend you to everyone I know.” 

meet the cast Maria


Characters: Mermaid Princess, Beauty, Arabian Princess, Warrior Princess, Long Haired Princess, Greek Princess, Ice Queen, Snow Princess, First Princess, Ocean Princess , Latin Princess, Star Princess, Pop Star, Peach, Spiderhero, Bathero, Wonderhero, Resistance Hero, Animal Fairy, Garden Fairy, Pirate Fairy, Villain Daughter, Clown, Dorothy, Ohana Girl, Mavis, Riding Hood, Mascots 

Theatrical Credits: Cinderella (Cinderella), Aladdin (Narrator), The LIttle Mermaid (Ariel), Seussical the Musical (Mayzie la Bird), Beauty and  the Beast (Mrs Potts), The Little Mermaid (Ursula), Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Potifar Gang), Anatomy of Grey (Maggie), After Juliet (Alice), Spamalot (Night, Showgirl) 

Training: Extensive Training in DramaMadrigal ChoirShow ChoirAct 2 Show ChoirVintage Show ChoirBabysittingPrivate Acting & Singing Lessons

Parent Feedback: She has a beautiful voice. Kid magnet. Beautiful Belle. 

meet the cast Madi


Characters: Mermaid, Sleeping, Native American, Beauty, Arabian, Warrior, Long Hair, Snow Princess, First Princess, Latin Princess, Ocean Princess, Video Game Princess, Star Princess, Pop Star Princess, Spiderhero Girl, Amazon Hero, Resistance Heroine, Bathero Girl, Ivy Hero, Animal Fairy, Garden Fairy, Water Fairy, Pirate Fairy, Villain Daughter, Cheerleader, Explorer Girl, Genie Twins, Maddie Hatter, Mascots 

Theatrical Credits: Barber of Seville (Police Man), Rodgers & Hammersteins Cinderella (Fairy Godmother), Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Mrs. Teavee), Princess Whatshername (Cinderella), Pirates of Penzance (Mabel)

Experience: Piano for 5 years, Babysitting for 2 years, Choir, Badger State Choir

Emmaline Cook Pride Award Winner, Best Female Actress Award, Best Female Singer Award

Parent Feedback:
She really went above & beyond what we expected. She was very perky & likeable. The kids just all gravitated to her. My daughter still talks about her party.

meet the cast Danae


Characters: Glass Slipper Princess, Beauty, Sleeping Princess, Mermaid Princess, Ice Queen, Long Haired Princess, Spiderhero Girl, Superhero Girl, Amazon Hero, Harley Hero, Bathero Girl, Villian Daughters, Cheerleader, Barbie, Daphne, Fancy Nancy

Training: Veteran Cast Member of Princess My Party, High School FFA Club President, First Aid Certification CPR Certification, Acting Workshops, Makeup Workshops

Modeling: Raye of Light Photography

Parent Feedback: “My daughter was shy at first when she say Cinderella but, she knew just want to do to get her to be comfortable. By the end of the party she didn’t want Cinderella to leave.” “Professional & Polished” “Looks like she stepped out of the cartoon!”

Meet the Cast Elena


Characters: Glass Slipper Princess, Sleeping Princess, Peach, Long Haired Princess, Wonderland Princess, Mermaid Princess, Beauty, Ice Queen, Snow Princess, Harley Hero, Superhero Girl, Spiderhero Girl, Ivy Hero, Neverland Fairy, High School Monster, Maddy Hatter, Barbie, Genie Twins

Theatrical Experience: High School Drama Club

Theatrical Training: Band, Babysitting

Awards: Solo & Ensemble Awards, Honor Roll

Certifications: CPR Certification, Red Cross Babysitting Certification

Parent Feedback: Gorgeous princess. Looks like she just walked out of a Disney movie.

meet the cast Luke


Characters: Neverland Fairy, Mermaid Princess, Wonderland Princess, Long Haired Princess, First Princess, Pop Star Princess, Princess Peach, Superhero Girl, Harley Hero, Animal Fairy, Garden Fairy, Pirate Fairy, Dorothy, Wendy, Genie Twins, Maddy Hatter, High School Monsters, Peter Pan, Mavis, Little Red Riding Hood

Theatrical Credits: Into the Woods (Stepsister) , Aladdin (Palm Tree), Wizard of Oz (Dorothy/Director), Cinderella Once More (Cinderella), Fiddler on the Roof (Ensemble), Seven Athenian Woman (Griffin/Shadow Puppet), Treasure Island (Jenny Hawkins), A Dream to Remember (Bridget)

Theatrical Training: Hamlab, Hamlab Advance, Choir, Private Voice & Acting Lessons, Dance, Babysitting

Awards/Certifications: First Aid, CPR Certification, Tommy Award Outstanding Musical Performance, Solo & Ensemble Awards, Best Actress Award for Cinderella Once More

Parent Feedback: Coming SoonParent Feedback: Coming Soon?


meet the cast Danae


Characters: Beauty, Mermaid Princess, Native American Princess, Arabian Princess, Long Haired Princess, Ice Queen, Snow Princess, First Princess, Latin Princess, Ocean Princess, Star Princess Spiderhero Girl, Resistance Heroine, Wonder Hero, Bathero Girl, Animal Fairy, Pirate Fairy, Water Fairy, Dorothy, Genie Twins, Turtle’s Reporter

Experience: Band, Choir, 2 Years Experience working with Children with Disabilities,  Nanny, Childcare Provider for 6 years.

Red Cross certified babysitter, First Aid, CPR

Parent Feedback: Coming Soon


meet the cast Tricia


Characters: Characters: Frog Princess, Beauty, Native American Princess, Latina Princess, Warrior Princess, Arabian Princess, Ocean Princess, Resistance Heroine, Amazon Princess, Bathero Girl, Explorer Girl, Animal Fairy, Villain Daughter, Explorer Girl, Turtle Hero Reporter Friend, High School Monsters

Experience: 8 years of choir, 2 years of dance team, 4 years of cheerleading, 3 years in band, 3 years babysitting, experience working with children in an activity center, 2 years track, 1 year basketball, 2 years volleyball

Awards: Talent Show Winner- 2 times for singing, CPR & First Aid certifications

Parent Feedback: So outgoing and friendly. Wasn’t afraid to just jump in & take over the party. Very beautiful princess that can really sing. The children loved her. Thank you.


meet the cast Danae


Characters: Snow Princess, Mermaid, Beauty, Native American, Arabian, Long Haired, Scottish, First Princess, Latin Princess, Ocean Princess, Star Princess, Resistance Heroine, Amazon Hero, Bat-Hero Girl, Animal Fairy, Garden Fairy, Pirate Fairy, Dorothy, Doodles, Genie Twins, Mascots

Theatrical Credits: Monette-Always a Bridesmaid, Martha-A Christmas Carol

Training: Honors choir, a Capella group, show choir, vocal jazz, band (first chair), Center Stage workshops, Lawrence University’s “Showing Off” musical theatre camp, ukulele orchestra, babysitting

Awards: Letters in both band and choir, National Honors Society, over 25 solo and ensemble medals

Parent Feedback: “So much energy. My daughter had a great time. Will book again.” 


meet the cast Sydney


Characters: Wonderland Princess, Beauty, Mermaid Princess, Long Haired Princess, First Princess, Princess Peach, Batgirl, Spiderhero Girl, Dorothy, Mavis, High School Monsters, Animal Fairy, Gentle Clown, Genie Twins, Peter Pan, Red Riding Hood, Fancy Nancy

Theatrical Credits: Beauty and the beast (Belle), Aladdin (Jasmine), Sound of Music (Briggita), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Ensemble), Mulan (Ancestor), Little Mermaid (Mersister), Footloose (Lulu Warnicker), Elf the Musical (Deb)

Theatrical Training: Dance training , Gymnastics for 10 years , Voice lessons
Acting and improv classes, National honor choir , Forensics

Awards: Solo & Ensemble

Parent Feedback: I don’t think she stopped moving the entire time. She was very good with the kids even though they were so hyped up.

meet the cast Danae


Characters: Apple Princess, Mermaid Princess, Beauty, Long Haired Princess, Scottish Princess, Video Game Princess, Star Princess, Amazon Hero, Ivy Hero, Harley Hero, Bathero Girl, Villain Daughter, Cheerleader, Doodles the Clown, Mascots 

Experience: Show Choir, Varsity Dance Team Captain 2 years, State Qualifying Dance Team Captain, Choir for 10 years, Middle School Cheerleading Coach, Assistant Dance Team Coach for 8 years, babysitting, 

Awards: Music Scholarship from Ripon College, State Show Choir, Solo & Ensemble Awards, State Varsity Dance Team, Top 15 for D2 Hip Hop Dance Team, Top 15 for D2 Pom Squad

Parent Feedback: The children were enchanted listening to her sing. 


Meet the Cast Ella


Characters: First Princess, Mermaid, Snow Princess, Beauty, Native American Princess, Rapunzel, Greek Princess, Video Game Princess, Spiderhero-Girl, Ivy Hero, Harley Hero, Bat-Girl, Star Warrior Girl, Star Princess, Dorothy, Wonderland Princess, Toy Cowgirl, Neverland Fairy, Animal Fairy, Garden Fairy, Pirate Fairy, Pink Pony, Villain Daughter, A Cappella Girl, Pop Star Princess, High School Monster, Doodles the Clown, Maddy Hatter

Theatrical Credits: Jovie-Elf the Musical, Violet Beauregarde-Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Timon-The Lion King, Dragon-Shrek, Scat Cat-The Aristocats, Babbette-Beauty & the Beast, 30 additional shows

Training: 9 years of theatrical background, babysitting, choir, solo & ensemble, piano lessons, voice lessons, Girl Scouts, Jacob Voigt Master Acting Class Lee Strassburg Method

Awards: Honor Roll, Academic Award

Parent Feedback: “What a fun day!” “Sofia has an amazing voice!”

meet the cast Tricia


Characters: Any by request. Seasoned Actress. 

Theatrical Credits: Twelfth Night (Fabian), Into the Woods (Cinderella), Fiddler on the Roof (Tzeidel), Midsummer’s Jersey (Bottom)

Training: Callisto A Cappella, Women’s Concert Chorale, Women’s Advanced Chorale, Chamber Choir, Private Vocal Lessons 

Parent Feedback: Gorgeous voice. I smiled the entire party. 


meet the cast Tatianna


Characters: Beauty, Mermaid, Ice Queen, Snow Princess, Long Haired Princess, Spiderhero Girl, Bathero Girl, Wonder Hero, Mascots 

Degree: Associates Degree in Cosmetology 

Training: trained in first aid, Trained in CPR, babysitter training, graphic design classes, painting classes, comfortable in front of a crowd, experience working with kids, actor training, extensive training in hair and makeup. 

Parent Feedback: Coming soon


meet the cast Tricia


Characters: Superheroes, Adventure Characters, Mascots 

Theatrical Experience: Backlot Comedy House (Improv Cast Member), Confession Night (Son) Family Feud Live Gameshow (Host), Rochesterfest Parade Announcer 2016, Rochester Chamber of Commerce Networking Event (Emcee) The Rochester Experience (Guest Interviewer), Tundra Talk Podcast (Host), 97.5 The Pulse (DJ) 

Film/Television: Boss Cutters (Mister J), GAGS (Streak the Clown), Daybreak Deadline (Man), David Dalton’s Advice for Life (Scotty), Distracted was the Night (Walter), The Paradox Inside (Nick), Bamboozled (Man), American Family Insurance (Waiter), Shopko Back to School (Teenager), Meijer (Shopper), Verizon Wireless (Extra)

Awards: Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year 2o15

Parent Feedback: Super organized & clearly had a plan for the party. It relieved so much stress to have Batman run all of the games so I could entertain the adults. I will book (Nick) again.


meet the cast Tricia


Characters: COMING SOON

Parent Feedback: “Coming Soon”


meet the cast Benjamin


Characters: Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, Star Villain, Star Warrior, American Hero, Bathero, Lightening Hero, Iron Hero, Green Machine, Ninja, Pirate, Knight, Toy Cowboy, Prince Charming, Ice Prince, Video Game Heroes, Wizard Student, James, Mystery Gang, Flynn, Adam

Theatrical Credits: Shrek (Donkey), Footloose (Ensemble), Bye Bye Birdie (Police Officer)

Theatrical Training: Jubricosa Theatre School, Choir, Soccer, Gymnastics

Awards: Honor Roll, First Aid Training

Parent Feedback: “Perfect Peter Pan!”

meet the cast Bret


Characters: Pups Friend, Prince, Speedy Hero, Spider Hero, Captain Hero, Toy Cowboy, Pirate Jake, Video Game Heroes, Wizard Students, Snow Prince, Neverland Boy, Knight, Ninja, Mascots

Theatrical Roles: Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Prince Charming), Pirates of Penzance (Police Officer)

Experience: Choir, Drama, Sports, Acting, Singing

Awards: Solo & Ensemble 1st Place

Parent Feedback: Thank you for making my son’s birthday so special. The kids loved how interactive you were with them. Great job.

meet the cast Brock


Characters: Mascots, Prince Eric, Arabian Prince, American Hero, Bat Hero, Spider Hero, Star Warrior, Star Villain, Speedy Hero, Video Game Plumbers, Pups Team Leader, Handsome Brute, Knight, Ninja, Pirate, Rapunzel’s Prince 

Training: Mixed Martial Arts Training, US Youth Soccer Team Coach, Basketball, Many hours of volunteer work in the community, extensive knowledge in superheroes. 

Certifications: First Aid & CPR Certifications. 

Parent Feedback: He looks like Zayne from One Direction. The girls loved him. 

meet the cast Luke


Characters: Any male character by request. Veteran Performer.

Theatrical Credits:
The Pirates Play (Pirate), Peter Pan (Pirate), Wizard of Oz (Flying Monkey), Guys & Dolls (Sky Masterson), Disney’s Aladdin (Jafar), Annie Play Will Do (Ensemble), Crazy For You (Cowboy), A Christmas Story (Bandito/Neighbor), The Phantom of the Opera (Joseph Bouquet/Ensemble), Milwaukee Brewers Game National Anthem Vocalist, Milwaukee Bucks Game National Anthem Vocalist. Timber Rattlers National Anthem Vocalist, Semi-Pro Hockey Team National Anthem Vocalist

Chorus 7 years, Vocal Jazz 7 years, Music Liturgy Choir 5 years, Band 7 years, Jazz Band 7 years, Tenor Saxophone, Performed at Disney’s Epcot Center, Performed at the Fond du Lac Children’s Museum as the Easter Bunny 2 years. 

Awards: Most Outstanding Vocalist, Drama Letter, 8 Gold Medals for Solo & ensemble for vocals, State Solo & Ensemble for 2 Vocal Events, 15 Gold Medals for Solo & Ensemble for saxophone, State Honors Choir, Regional Honors Choir for Band 2 years,

meet the cast Danae


Characters: Spider, Bat, Captain, Star Warrior, Star Villain, Speedy, Mermaid Prince, Handsome Brute, Toy Cowboy, Arabian Prince, Video Game Heroes, Rapunzel’s Prince, Knight, Mascots 

Theatrical Credits: The Little Mermaid- Prince Eric, Beauty and the Beast- Cogsworth, Shrek- Prince Farquad, Mulan- Captain Shang, Aladdin- Jafar, Elf- Walter, Santa, Willy Wonka- Mike Teevee, Aristocats- Thomas O’malley the alley cat, The Lion King- Simba

Experience:  9 years piano, 2 years choir, 5 Musical Reviews, Solo and Ensemble, Plays , Waiting for Godot (Performed with Ripon College), WCATY acting class in Madison

Parent Feedback: Very talented singer & actor.


meet the cast Nick


Characters: Characters: Spider-Hero, Star Warrior, Star Villain, American Hero, Bathero, Robin, Lightening Hero, Ninjago, Pirate, Knight, Iron Hero, Halo Hero, Toy Cowboy, Prince Charming, Video Game Heroes, Ryder, Wizard Student, Snow Prince, Mystery Gang, James, Flynn, Adam

Theatrical Credits: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Charlie), Cinderella (Mouse), Beauty & the Beast (Ensemble), Annie (Drake), Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Musical (Agustus), Shrek (Donkey), Elephants Child (Narrator), Wizard of Oz (Flying Monkey)

Professional Modeling Experience: Crate & Barrel, Shopko, Big Lots, Bob the Builder Model, 8 yrs of Modeling Experience

Training: 3 Years of Choir, Summer Choir Programs , Drama

Certifications: First Aid

Parent Feedback: Coming Soon

meet the cast Nick


Characters: Mascot Performer

Theatrical Credits: COMING SOON!

Theatrical Experience: COMING SOON!

Parental Feedback: COMING SOON!

meet the cast Nick


Characters: Any character by request. Seasoned performer.

Theatrical Experience: Fiddler on the Roof (Ensemble), Up the Down Staircase (Supporting), Aida (Supporting), All Shook Up (Supporting), Into the Woods (Lead), Guys & Dolls (Understudy)

Training: Actor’s Workshop, Actor Theory & Movement, Improvisation, Shakespeare, Musical Theatre, Monologue, Acting in Front of a Camera, Relationships with Other Characters, Becoming Your Character, Fluent in Brittish, Jersey, Southern Accents, Tennis, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Competitive classical singer, great with children, nanny, program leader.

Award: USA National Miss Wisconsin Teen 2017

Parent Feedback: Coming Soon

meet the cast Tricia


Characters: Any character by request 

Theatrical Experience: Anything Goes (Reno Sweeny), Thoroughly Modern Millie (Muzzy), Almost, Maine (Gayle), Nicholas Nickelby (Niles Noggs), Willy Wonka (Mrs. Gloop), The Magic Flute Opera (Crocodile/Chorus), Aida Opera (Egyptian/Slave), The King & I (Wife/Dancer), Pretentious Ladies (Guest), Bye, Bye, Birdie (Fan), Seussical the Musical (Jungle Citizen), Imperfect! Proposal (Crew), Go Fish (Crew), Don’t Fear the Reaper (Crew) 

Training: Vocal Training, Drama Club, Fluent in Spanish, Painting, Accents/Dialects 

Awards: Drama Club Member of the Year 2014 

Parent Feedback: Energetic & Adaptable

meet the cast Tricia


Characters: Apple Princess, Mermaid Princess, Beauty, Scottish Princess, Snow Princess, Bat Hero Girl, Resistance Hero Girl, Fairy Godmother, Doodles the Gentle Clown, Fancy Girl, Queen of Hearts, Mascots, Party Host

Theatrical experience: Willy Wonka (Oompa Loompa) The Election (Sally) Reality Check (Mackenzie) Oklahoma (Silve) Just Another High School Play (Sofia) Laughing Stock (Karma) Pointless (Beth)

Theatrical training: Acting Lessons,  International Presentation of Performers. Drama Club, CYO Musicals, Community Theater

Awards: 1st place Pom and Hip Hop JV Dance, 2nd place Pom and Hip Hop JV Dance

Certification: Red Cross Babysitting Certification 

Parent Feedback: Coming Soon

Meet the Cast Gary


Characters: Any by request. Veteran Performer 

Theatrical Credits: Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Shrek(Fiona),Into the Woods (Little Red Riding Hood), Elf (Jovie), Bye Bye Birdie (Ursula), Beauty and the Beast (Mrs Potts), Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow), High School Musical (Taylor), Princesswhatshername (Princess), Dorothy in Wonderland (Dorothy) Aladdin (Genie) The Lion King (Rafiki),-Footloose (Rusty) and more.  

Experience: 5+years of babysitting,6 years of choir, 5+ years of dance, 1+year piano teacher, 3+years kids worship leader, 7+ years of piano, voice lessons, show choir, musical theater

Awards: Neenah Idol Winner, Thespian Award for Theatre

Parent Feedback: Remarkable voice. WOW! Outstanding singer.


meet the cast Cassie


Event Mangagement

Training: High School Choir, Early Childhood Special Education Certification, Bachelor of Science in Special Education, Day Care Teacher, CPR Certification, NVCI Training.

Awards: Honor Roll & Deans List


meet the cast Nick

Event Staff Member/Mascot Performer/Face Painter

Theatrical Credits: Ensemble-Pirates the Musical, Tech Crew- Cinderella, Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland 

Training: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Customer Service, Babysitting, Glee Club, Mural Artist, Student Ambassador, Face Painter for schools, Early Childhood & Child Development Training, General & Advanced Psychology, Future Business Leaders of America, Upward Bound Math & Science, National Honors Society, Art Teaching Assistant, Student Support Services

Awards: 1st & 2nd Place WSMA Solo & Ensemble Medals, Honor Roll High Honors, Regional Leadership Conference – 3rd Place in Word Processing State Leadership Conference, 6th Place in Word Processing, Regional Leadership Conference – 2nd Place in Word Processing, FBLA President Accepting the Challenge of Education Award, Sr. Mary Mollison Legacy Scholarship, President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence, Fond du Lac Rotary Club Award for Academic Success, Fond du Lac Lakeside Evening Kiwanis Hall of Fame Honor Award for Business, First Level High Academic Achievement for a GPA of 3.619 for three consecutive semesters

Parent Feedback: “Very friendly and personable. Good face painter. Organized.” 

meet the cast Liza


Characters: Any character by request. Veteran Performer.

Theatrical Credits: 67 Productions & counting including Cinderella-Into the Woods, Elisa Schraeder-The Sound of Music, Alice-Alice in Wonderland, Mrs. MacAfee-Bye, Bye, Birdie, Anastasia-Disney’s Cinderella, Witch-Shrek, Chava- Fiddler on the Roof

Training: acting coach, voice coach, 12 years of theatrical background, dance, choreographer, director, babysitter, first aid trained, Badger State Girls Choir, Sunday Scool Teacher, Executive Board Member for Stage Society, Choir Council, Jacob Voigt Master Acting Class Lee Strassburg Method

Awards: Dan Carpenter Award of Leadership, Brian Eadie Award of Leadership, hespian Award for Theatre, MVP Award for Theatre, Academic Award

Parent Feedback: “Cinderella was patient & kind. Everything you’d expect Cinderella to be” “The visit today made my daughter feel like a real princess.” “She was lovely, magical, extraordinary, and made my daughter’s party so much more.” “The other moms are going to be jealous that I got the REAL Elsa to come to my kids party. Will hire again”

meet the cast Cheyenne


Characters: Doodles the Clown, Star Warrior, Villain Daugter, Katie, Sadness, Dorothy, Bat-Hero Girl, Ivy Hero, Harley Hero, Spiderhero-Girl, Amazon Hero, Apple Princess, Ice Queen, Mermaid, Beauty, Long Haired Princess, Scottish Princess, Snow Princess, Mascots **Face Painting Expertise**

Theatrical Credits: Fiddler-Fiddler on the Roof, Marie-Aristocats, Tall Alice-Alice in Wonderland, Woman in Crowd-Dracula, Fanny-House for Sale, Queen Lillain/White Rabbit-Shrek the Musical, Ensemble-Evolution of Disney, Ensemble-Most Happy Fella, Mama-Figments, Nun-The Sound of Music, Grim Reaper-Haunted Barn

Training: Choir, A Cappella Choir, Madrigals, Drama, Sports, Drama Executive Board, Theatrical Hair & Makeup, Theatrical Stage Managment, Student Director, Babysitting, Student Helper in Creative Drama for Life Skills, Advanced Placement Classes

Awards: Letter & Gold Bar in Drama, Most Improved Junior-Choir, Mascot & Numerals in Choir, Academic Honors

Parent Feedback: “I don’t think Miss Mouse ever stopped moving the entire time she was at our party! Then, she seamlessly slipped out of the costume & came back to face paint the kids & they loved it. I would book Cheyenne again in a heartbeat.”

meet the cast Martell


Characters: Crow-Dumbo, Scarecrow-The Wiz, Cowardly Lion-Wizard of Oz, Who/Guard/Jungle Creature-Seussical the Musical, Ensemble-Him-Aside, Randy Dexter-Curtains, Ensemble-Babes in Arms, Chris-Dinner at 8 Dead by 9, Candyman-Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Mr Grundy-Faculty Meeting, Mr.Panders-Just Like I Want It, Bert/Tom & DJ Bobby Breeze-Spy School, Lucas Beineke-Addams Family.

Training: Zamorono Arts Academy, San Diego School Performing Arts: Theatre Class, Swazz, Improv, Dance, CPR, Basketball, Football, Track, Theatre, Show Choir, Forensics, Kempo Karate

Awards: Letters in Football, Theatre, 2nd Place Thunderbay Dance Competition, 4th Place Kalahari Hip Hop Dance Competition, FFA Greenhand Degree, Forensics State Medal

Parent Feedback: “Spiderman has moves.” “We love the Deadpool Story” “Went out of his way to make a grand entrance” “great parent communication.”

meet the cast Cassie



TRAINING: private tutor, retired elementary teacher (27 years), church choir, costumes and help with musicals Seussical and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, college show choir and madrigal singers, soloist, high school choir and honor’s choir, director of elementary musicals The Little Red Hen and In Quest of Columbus, NWEA Board Member and alternate for 12 years

AWARDS: Kappa Delta Pi, Dean’s List, High Honor Roll, Solo & Ensemble in high school (district and state) – 1st and *1st., nominee for Teacher/Employee of the year 3 times

meet the cast Cassie


Role:  Event Management

Training: Studied Social Work & Psychology at Marian University, UNC Greensbro, College of the Albemarle, House to Home Properties LLC, Xerox, & Mother of two.

Awards: Honor Roll


meet the cast Tricia


Position: Photographer , Event Management

Training: Honors Band-4 yrs, Magic Kingdom Marching Band Tour 2009, Oriole Band Majorette, Owner of Raye of Light Photography, CNA, CPR Certification, interpersonal & oral communications, general & children’s development and psychology. Currently studying business management.

Awards: WSMA Solo & Ensemble-4 years, WSMA State Solo & Ensemble 2nd Place, Oriole Band Award

Parent Feedback: “She caught all the special moments we missed.” “Talented photographer at a reasonable rate.” “Very patient to get the good shot of my son.”