We are excited for you to meet our Cast for the Summer of 2018! Congratulations to those that were cast. We look forward to a great summer!

Alexis (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Peter Pan (Mrs. Darling/Indian), Father Knows Best (Mrs. Wembley), While The Lights Were Out (Fredonia), Crazy For You (Ensemble), Camp Kaos (Sandy), The Nifty Fifties (Louise).

Training: 8 Years of Choir, 6 Years of Theatre Experience, Babysitting, CPR Certified, CTM Theatre Classes and Productions. Joined the Cast in 2018.

Ali (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Seussical the Musical (Ensemble), Annie (Ensemble), Dear Edwina (Ensemble).

Training: CPR Certified, Choir, Dance Team, CNA. Joined the Cast in 2018

Alyssa (Actress)

Training: Show Choir, Varsity Dance Team Captain 2 years, State Qualifying Dance Team Captain, Choir for 10 years, Middle School Cheerleading Coach, Assistant Dance Team Coach for 8 years, babysitting,Awards: Music Scholarship from Ripon College, State Show Choir, Solo & Ensemble Awards, State Varsity Dance Team, Top 15 for D2 Hip Hop Dance Team, Top 15 for D2 Pom Squad (Joined the Cast in 2017)

Bella (Actress)

Training: 8 years of choir, 2 years of dance team, 4 years of cheerleading, 3 years in band, 3 years babysitting, experience working with children in an activity center, 2 years track, 1 year basketball, 2 years volleyball, Talent Show Winner- 2 times for singing, CPR & First Aid certifications. Joined the Cast in 2016.

Ben (Actor)

Ben is a veteran who served in the military for 12+ years, and has transitioned since then to doing what he loves. He has always been an artist at heart, and currently specializes in making custom images, signs, wall murals, face painting, and creating custom furniture. His love for all drawing and fantasy appeared at a very young age due to his mother getting him comics after discovering he had a case of mild dyslexia, which he has learned to overcome. Though this transition Benjamin also co-created a social profit (non-profit) called One Love with two other like-minded individuals in Appleton, which has an overall goal of assisting our society grow in the right direction. Through promoting community and individual healing practices in mind, body, and spirit. In the organization Benjamin is considered  Consciousness Engineer (Life Coach) assisting individuals move into their life purpose via becoming more mindful, heart centered, and or focused in the now.

Brianna (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Down in Front (Ensemble) and Evil Dead: The Musical (Ensemble) Performance Training: Band, Choir, Plays, Musicals, Forensics, Dance, Child Care. Brianna is excited to be making her debut this season!

Brittany (Actress)

Television Film Productions: Notorious, If Loving You is Wrong, Ozark, Thank You for Your Service, Survivor’s Remorse Training: Professional DJ & Emcee, Chorus, Vocal Lessons, 1st-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Theatrical Makeup, Theatrical Costume Construction, Red Cross Babysitting Certification. This is Brittany’s debut season with Princess My Party.

Calvin (Actor)

Theatrical Credits: Suessical – yertle the turtle, Rock around the block – jug head jarvis, The crucible- Ezekiel Cheever, The lion king- Ed, Shrek- Pinocchio and several more smaller shows as well. Experience with SPCT and in choir since 7th grade through High School. Calvin has also directed a children’s performance of Beauty and the Beast.

Cheyenne (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Fiddler-Fiddler on the Roof, Marie-Aristocats, Tall Alice-Alice in Wonderland, Woman in Crowd-Dracula, Fanny-House for Sale, Queen Lillian/White Rabbit-Shrek the Musical, Ensemble-Evolution of Disney, Ensemble-Most Happy Fella, Mama-Figments, Nun-The Sound of Music, Grim Reaper-Haunted Barn;

Training: Choir, A Cappella Choir, Madrigals, Drama, Sports, Drama Executive Board, Theatrical Hair & Makeup, Theatrical Stage Management, Student Director, Babysitting, Student Helper in Creative Drama for Life Skills, Advanced Placement Classes

Awards: Letter & Gold Bar in Drama, Most Improved Junior-Choir, Mascot & Numerals in Choir, Academic Honors. Joined the Cast in 2015

Chloe (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: High School Drama Club

Theatrical Training: Band, Babysitting, Solo & Ensemble Awards, Honor Roll, CPR Certification, Red Cross Babysitting Certification. Joined the Cast in 2017.

Darlene (Actress)

Training/Experience:  Theatrical Makeup, Artist, Painter, Stagecraft, Stagehand, Lighting Crew, all around crafty. Theatrical Experience: The Crucible, Bye Bye Birdie, Crimes of The Heart. This is Darlene’s debut season with Princess My Party!

Ella (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Jovie-Elf the Musical, Violet Beauregarde-Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Timon-The Lion King, Dragon-Shrek, Scat Cat-The Aristocats, Babbette-Beauty & the Beast, Belle-Beauty & the Beast, Hope-Almost Maine, Ancestor-Addams Family, 30 additional shows. Training: 9 years of theatrical background, babysitting, choir, solo & ensemble, piano lessons, voice lessons, Girl Scouts, Jacob Voigt Master Acting Class Lee Strasberg Method. Joined the Cast in 2016.

Ellen (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Wife/Ensemble), Wizard of Oz (Ozian/Munchkin), Footloose (Ensemble), How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Smoker Cleaning Lady), Spring Awakening (Thea). Performance Training: Madrigal Choir, Treble Choir, Mixed Choir, Chamber Choir, Child Care. This is Ellen’s first season with PMP.

Emily (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Shrek the Musical (Fiona) Beauty and the beast (Belle), Aladdin (Jasmine), Sound of Music (Brigitta), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Ensemble), Mulan (Ancestor), Little Mermaid (Mersister), Footloose (Lulu Warnicker), Elf the Musical (Deb)

Training: Dance training , Gymnastics for 10 years , Voice lessons, Acting and improv classes, National honor choir , Forensics, Solo & Ensemble, Student Advisory Board. Joined the Cast in 2017.

Emily (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Shrek the Musical (Fiona) Always a Bridesmaid Monette), A Christmas Carol (Martha) Training: Honors choir, a Capella group, show choir, vocal jazz, band (first chair), Center Stage workshops, Lawrence University’s “Showing Off” musical theatre camp, ukulele orchestra, babysitting, Letters in both band and choir, National Honors Society, over 25 solo and ensemble medals. Joined the Cast in 2017.

Gary (Actor)

Theatrical Credits: Fiddler on the Roof (Tevye), Grease (Danny Zuko) , Annie (Daddy Warbucks), Les Miserables (Jean Valjean), Jesus Christ Superstar (Judas), Jesus Christ Superstar (Jesus), numerous other plays and musicals, over 40 in total. Taken part in Show Choir 02-06, Madrigals 02-06 and Solo Ensemble 00-06 as performer and 07-10 as coach. Training: CPR Training in baby, toddler, child, and adult, Defibrillator Certification. Joined the Cast in 2016.

Grace (Actress) Theatrical Training: 3.5 Years of play productions in various school plays, Acting, forensics, State Forensics,  Poms/Dance Team, choir, solo & ensemble. Grace has also won a 1st place Gold Medal for singing. Lawrence Girls Choir. Sang at Carnegie Hall for an Elite concert. This is Grace’s debut season with Princess My Party.

Hannah (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Betsy-Crazy for You, Dori-Schoolhouse Rock Live, Sandy – Grease, Boopie Doo Girl- Sandy Wilson’s The Boyfriend, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella- Child, Peach-A Writer’s Mind, Old Woman-Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly, DW- Arthur’s Birthday Surprise, Reporter- Case of the Mysterious Missing Ring, Enchanted-Mouse, Film Extra-From the Furnace, Film: Young Johanna- The Ornament. Television: Extra-Chicago PD Television: Extra-Chicago Fire Model: Sonntag Photography , Live Acting: Freak Show Barker, Corpse Bride, Dorothy Gale, Lost Girl- Ghosts of Galloway Haunted Village

Training: Choir, Liturgy Choir, Glee Club, Forensics, Broadway Bound Theatre Camp, UW Whitewater Drama Camp, Solo & Ensemble, Clark Ausloos Private Acting Coach, Jacob Voigt Master Acting Class Lee Strasberg Method, Second City Comedy Acting Class. Joined the Cast in 2014.

Harmony (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Charlottes Web (Fern), Fiddler on the Roof (Daughter)

Training: Choir, Solo & Ensemble, Drama Classes, Show Choir. Joined the Cast in 2017.

Jeff (Actor)

Training: fitness model, large following on Instagram, US Army, skydiving,  motorcycles. Jeff is pumped to be joining the PMP team with his debut season!

Jenna (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: The Curious Savage (Ethel Savage), Seussical: The Musical (Mrs.Mayor), The Crucible (Elizabeth Proctor), A Christmas Carol (Martha Cratchit),Urinetown (Rebel Poor), Mary Poppins (Chimney Sweep), To Kill A Mockingbird (Youth Ensemble), The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Leroy Herdman), Peter Pan Jr. (Captain Hook) Charlotte in Webs, Guest Speaker on 105.3 the Sun. Training: 12 years of Musical Theater experience, 8 years of Vocal Performance, 3 years of Acting Performance, 6 years of Concert Band, 5 years of Spanish, 5 years of Babysitting Training, 4 year Solo and Ensemble Performer, Accent and Dialect Training, Driver’s License, Varsity Letter in Drama, WSMA Exemplary Soloist, Honor Roll Member, Vice President of Drama Club(17-18), Vice President of Spanish Club (17-18) Beauty and the Beast jr. (Assistant Director) Red Cross First Aid Certification, CPR Certification This is Jenna’s First Season with PMP!

Lily (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Entertainer for 3 Years, including dancing and cosplay. Lily Has been cosplaying for a while and goes to about 10 conventions a year, and created over 22 costumes. This is Lily’s First Season with PMP.

Liza (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: 73 Productions & counting, some credits include: Cinderella-Into the Woods, Elsa Schraeder-The Sound of Music, Alice-Alice in Wonderland, Mrs. MacAfee-Bye, Bye, Birdie, Anastasia-Disney’s Cinderella, Witch-Shrek, Chava- Fiddler on the Roof, Irene Roth- Crazy For You, Ethel McCormack- Footloose Training: acting coach, voice coach, 12 years of theatrical background, 6 years doing theatrical hair and makeup, 4 years of dance, 5 years choreographing, babysitting license, first aid trained, Badger State Girls Choir, Sunday School Teacher, Executive Board Member for Stage Society, Choir Council, Jacob Voigt Master Acting Class Lee Strasberg Method, UWEC Cheer and Stunt Team, 4 years of directing children’s theatre, 4 years of WSMA State Solo Ensemble, Varsity Letter in Choir, Varsity Letter in Drama. Awards: Dan Carpenter Award of Leadership, Brian Eadie Award of Leadership, Thespian Award for Theatre, MVP Award for Theatre, Academic Award. Joined the cast in 2015.

Lizzie (Actress)

Theatrical credits: Princess Winnifred-Once Upon a Mattress, Aunt Em/Munchkin/Chorus-Wizard of Oz, M’Lynn-Steel Magnolias, Margot-Legally Blonde, Pepper-Annie, and Ronnie-Chateau la Roach Training: The Imagination Project (plays Princess Anna), collegiate and high school a cappella, honors choir, vocal jazz, church choir, wind ensemble, ukulele orchestra, religious education instructor (7th grade), and Lawrence University “Showing Off” summer theatre camp Awards: Solo and Ensemble (over 30 gold state and district awards), first chair (clarinet), musical theatre award, letters in band and choir, Dean’s List, Honor Roll, and National Honor Society. Joined the cast in 2017.

Lorelai (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Wonder of the World (Janie/Pilot), Legally Blonde (keyboard. Asst. musical director), Shrek: The Musical (Piano), Cinderella (Cinderella), The Pink Panther Strikes Again (Olga), You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Sally Brown), Summer School Musical Director Training: 3rd Year Bachelor of Music Education at UW- Green Bay, Piano lessons (15 years), Voice lesson (5 years), Concert Chorale, Next Direction, Opera Studio/Musical Theatre Workshop (2 years) This is Lorelai’s premier season with PMP!

Luke (Actor)

Theatrical Credits: Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Grandpa George), Oklahoma (Ali), Just Another High School Play (Asst. Director) Training: Choir, Public Speaking, Forensics, Show Choir. Joined the Cast in 2016.

Madeline (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: A Midsummer Night’s Dream abg. (Helena), Les Miserables (Cosette), Heathers (Veronica Sawyer U.S.), Runaways (Nikki), The Trojan Women (Ana), The Women of Troy (Hecuba), I Love You, You’re Perfect… (Woman 2).

Training: BFA in Musical Theatre from Drake University, Certificate in Classical Acting form BADA (MIO ‘17). Joined the Cast in 2018.

Mackenzie (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: Into the Woods (Stepsister) , Aladdin (Palm Tree), Wizard of Oz (Dorothy/Director), Cinderella Once More (Cinderella), Fiddler on the Roof (Ensemble), Seven Athenian Woman (Griffin/Shadow Puppet), Treasure Island (Jenny Hawkins), A Dream to Remember (Bridget). Kaye Hamilton (Stage Door) Training: Hamlab, Hamlab Advance, Choir, Private Voice & Acting Lessons, Dance, Babysitting First Aid, CPR Certification, Tommy Award Outstanding Musical Performance, Solo & Ensemble Awards, Best Actress Award for Cinderella Once More. Joined the Cast in 2017.

Madelyn (Actress)

Theatrical Credits: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Ensemble), The Sound of Music (Ensemble), Dick DeYoung’s Royal Magic Show (Assistant), Sheboygan Local News (Anchor) National Honor Society, WSMA State Solo & Ensemble, Choir Officer

Training: Choir, 11 years of Dance, Sunday School Teacher, Experience working with disabled children, Forensics, Debate, John Casablancas Modeling School Classes, Cheerleading Dance Team, CPR Certified, Red Cross First Aid Certification. Joined the Cast in 2015.

Margaret (Actress)

Theatrical Experience: Clue: The Musical (Mrs. Peacock), Reefer Madness (Sally), Bare: A Pop Opera (Sister Chantelle), Macbeth (Lady MacDuff), Hippolytus (Nurse), Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Mrs. Teavee), Sweet Charity (Carmen), Love, Loss, and What I Wore (Ensemble), Dead Man’s Cell Phone (Jean u/s), Marat/Sade (Patient/Mother), A Christmas Carol (Lily), Rent (Homeless/Ensemble), The Hostage (Ensemble), Aesops Fables (Director) Pinnochio Je (Director), Godspell Jr (Asst. Director)

Theatrical Training: BFA in Acting, Margolis Method, Alexander Technique, The Rat Pack Jazz Group, Miscat Cabaret, Women’s Choir, My Funny Valentine Cabaret, Moonlighter’s Orchestra, Backwards and in Heels, Platinum Edition Show Choir. Madeline is thrilled to be joining PMP for her first season!

Mike (Actor)

Mike has a knack for voices, can do a ton of imitations. A very smart cast member, he is an engineer and has a passion for superheroes and delivering a great time for the kids. Mike is excited for his first season with PMP.

Wes (Actor)

Theatrical Credits: Spider-Man & vlog YouTube Channel, Cosplay Conventions
Training: Basic acting & stage combat, photography


Abby (Social Media Manager)

Theatrical Credits: Annie (Annie), Babes in Arms (Jennifer), Seussical the Musical (Bird Girl), Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Ensemble)

Training: Choir, Voice Lessons, Drama, Glee Club, Solo & Ensemble, Broadway Bound Theatre Camp, Princess My Party Board of Directors, Blogger. Joined the Cast in 2014.

Aimee (Chief Executive Officer)

Director Credits: Disney’s Aladdin, Disney’s High School Musical, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Sandy Willson’s The Boyfriend, Check, Please 1 & 2, Legally Blonde, Schoolhouse Rock Live, The Snow Queen, Harry’s Hotter at Twilight, 42nd Street, and many more.

Training: Bachelors of Science in Music Education, Associates in Fine Arts & Science, DPI Teaching License Choral & General Music, Piano, Voice, Drama, Guitar, Band Instruments, 12 years of teaching in the public schools.

Awards: WAMI Teacher of Excellence, MTI Excellence in Drama (Director: Legally Blonde), MTI Excellence in Drama (Disney’s Aladdin), Grammy in Our School Director Nominee, FDL Piano Teachers Association (President, 2 Terms), Many State & Outstanding Singer Awards for her students from WMSA, Director of Statebound Show Choirs & Jazz Ensembles, Foreigner Choir Contest (Director of Winning School) Founded the Company in 2014.

Angie (Customer Service Manager)

Training: High School Choir, Early Childhood Special Education Certification, Bachelor of Science in Special Education, Daycare Teacher, CPR Certification, NVCI Training, Honor Roll, Dean’s List. Joined the Cast in 2016

Erin (Webmaster)

Training: User Experience LLC (User Experience Engineer), G. Reinke & Co (Graphic Designer), Pike Stained Glass Studios, Inc – Rochester, NY (Digital Media & Marketing), AAS in Marketing, BS in Studio Art,

Certifications: Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Growth Driven Web Design, Content Marketing, Sales Enablement. Joined the cast in 2018.

Jeremy (Chief Financial Officer)

Theatrical Credits: Cinderella (Lights & Sound), Broadway Blast (Lights & Sound), Schoolhouse Rock (Set Design), The Boyfriend (Stage Crew)

Training: Saxophone, Band, Drama, Dungeons & Dragons Club (Dungeon Master), Big Brothers, Big Sisters (Teacher: Magic the Gathering), Wells Manufacturing (Vice President of the Union) Joined the cast in 2014.

Sue (Community Outreach Coordinator)

Training: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, Associates Degree in Fine Arts & Sciences, Daycare Teacher & Certifications, Elementary School Teacher, Experience working with children with special needs. Joined the cast in 2015.

Tammi (Human Resources Manager)

Training: Associates Degree in Leadership Development, Certifications in Human Resource Management, Organizational Management. High school choir and honor roll student throughout college. Adult, Child and Infant CPR, AED and First Aid trained. Girl Scout leader for 10 years. Previous high school experience in stage management, stage makeup, and costumes. Coach multiple sports including soccer, volleyball, tee ball and softball. Joined the Cast in 2016

Tori (Photographer)

Theatrical Credits: Alice in Wonderland (Queen of Hearts) Training: Choir, UBMS, Art, Solo & Ensemble, Honor Roll, Deans List. Joined the Cast in 2017.

Wanda (Event Coordinator)

Training: private tutor, retired elementary teacher (27 years), church choir, costumes and help with musicals Seussical and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, college show choir and madrigal singers, soloist, high school choir and honor’s choir, director of elementary musicals The Little Red Hen and In Quest of Columbus, NWEA Board Member and alternate for 12 years Awards: Kappa Delta Pi, Dean’s List, High Honor Roll, Solo & Ensemble in high school (district and state) – 1st and *1st., nominee for Teacher/Employee of the year 3 times. Joined the Cast in 2015.