Princess My Party prides itself in casting the most beautiful & talented actresses in the state. We are fortunate to have an outstanding group of talent and want to share a little about them & what makes Princess My Party a special party of their lives. We will be highlighting our Veteran Cast Members leading up to our 4th Anniversary on June 19th! This week Cast Member & Head Princess Alyssa sat down with her Fairy Godmother Aimee to get the dish on what it’s REALLY like to be a PMP Cast Member!

behind the magic

Alyssa is a student at Ripon College studying Middle/High School Education. She is from Waupun. As well as her undercover Princess work she is also dances on the Ripon College Dance Team where she just finished her last season before graduating! She has been a Cast Member with Princess My Party for a year. She is the Head Princess which means that she is the manager of all of the princesses in the cast. She is also a New Princess Mentor and volunteers her time helping our new princesses get into tip-top shape to start their princessing adventures.


FG: Which princess do you portray most often?

A: Oh for sure, Moana! Since the movie came out we have had lots of Moana parties & I get to portray her quite a bit. I love her. She’s fearless. It’s so much fun to get to wear a grass skirt instead of a big heavy gown! How Far I’ll Go is the NEW Let it Go & a welcome change for me.


FG: You get to play Elsa, too?
A: Yes! Because of my mixed background I am fortunate enough to get to portray some of the ethnic and european princesses. I am grateful to not be pigeon holed. Elsa is also a strong female character. Maybe that’s my pigeon hole?


FG: That’s a good “type cast” to have! Is Moana your favorite princess to portray then?

A: Mmmm although it’s hard to pick just one, yes. I would say Moana is my favorite. When I was first cast as part of Princess My Party I got to observe Cast Member Maria portray Moana for a birthday party. She inspired me to what to be a great Moana & I have always tried to live up to her portrayal when I put her Lei (tiara) on my head. I also enjoy Ariel, Rapunzel, and Anna.


FG: Are there any characters that you hate being cast to play?

A: BRANCH! That troll is going to be the death of me. His body is so huge I cannot get in and out of him without help. I actually had to bribe a friend to come to a solo party with me, sit in the car, and just help me in and out of the costume. I’m glad he was free that day! I was told that there is a new Branch costume coming and I am super excited to see if it’s easier to manage.


FG: I hope so, too. While we are on the subject, what is the worst thing about being in the Cast of Princess My Party? Be honest. What’s the scoop!

A: There isn’t much to not like about getting to be a princess for children’s parties. It’s kind of a dream job BUT honestly… sometimes the amount of prep time bothers me. I need to feel confident when I am entertaining and I am a perfectionist. So, if I am penciling my eyebrows and they are not even I wash them off and do them again. Sometimes it is a lot of preparation for just a half hour visit.  Can I tell you the best thing now?


FG: You read my mind! Shoot!

A: No matter if I am a beautiful princess or an uncomfortable troll seeing the kid’s face light up when I walk in is pure magic. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. It never gets old. I can be having the worst day & pop in a party as Minnie Mouse and cannot stop smiling the rest of the day. I also love playing childhood games with the kids like hide-and-seek or pass the parcel. I just feel like a kid myselves and get caught up in the wonderment.

behind the magic

FG: Aw that’s so sweet. That is exactly the perfect answer to that question. Do you have a favorite moment as a princess?

A: I was doing a Make-a-Wish event and the little girl saw me literally across the room jumped out of her stroller, and ran at full speed into my arms. She was a little star struck at first but, she was so happy to meet me. I didn’t want to leave. Job Hazard!


FG: Are there any party fails that you can tell me about? .. No judgement.

A: Ugh. Yes. Its too awful to relive. First it was Branch. My arch nemesis. I had my friend with me to help me get in and out of the suit but, my costume bag was missing one of his feet. I panicked & just decided to wear my black shoes and hope the kids didn’t notice. (Which they didn’t). Next, I didn’t have a balloon pump. I looked everywhere to see if it had fallen out of the bag somewhere. I didn’t know what to do & had 15 minutes before the party started. I ended up ordering one from a party store that was 15 minutes away. I went into the party & my helper that was waiting in the car had to drive to the store, get the pump, and bring it back to me before my time was up. If he wasn’t back I would have walked out to change out of the troll to do balloons and my car wouldn’t have been there and I would be standing in a suburb neighborhood in a Branch costume with no car and unable to get out of the suit on my own. Luckily he came thru and was waiting for me. I don’t think the parent even knew any of this was happening while the party was going on.


FG: Before i let you go… is there anything that you wish the parents that hire you knew?

A: Oh, there are lots of things but, I think one of the most important is to just let me entertain the kids. I understand that this day is super stressful for you and you are at your max stress capacity. Please trust that I have a plan and that I am super used to plans changing from moment to moment with children. Don’t sweat it. if I need your assistance i will absolutely ask for it but, honestly you can just chill and enjoy. I got you!


FG: Thank you to sitting down with me! You’re a key member of my team and I appreciate you!

behind the magic

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