8 Steps To The Ultimate Mermaid Party

If you’ve ever looked through the wonderful world of Pinterest, you will have come across some lavish and inspiring posts from expertly planned parties. Whether you’re embracing the hot summer, or escaping the cold winter, its as good a time as any to plan your princess a chic, stunning mermaid party without breaking the bank!


1. Send out the invites!

ultimate mermaid party invitations


One thing all parties have in common is guests! About 4-5 weeks before the party, you’ll want to send out invitations. For the sake of cohesion, pick an invitation that matches your theme. This will give your guests an idea of what to wear and what to bring with them. If you want to get technical, select a color palette that you can center your invitations and decorations around. Make sure you include who the party is for, the venue address, the date of the party, and the date in which you’d like them to R.S.V.P by. It is important to get your R.S.V.P’s returned about two weeks before the party. That way you have time to plan for food and seating.

You will also need to include the duration of the party of the invitation, For children three and under, an hour is usually plenty. For 4- to 6-year-olds, you’ll want about 2-2.5 hours. Older children typically enjoy longer parties, usually about 3 hours or more as long as there’s plenty of entertainment. To view the invitation pictured, click here.



2. Book the entertainment!


Want to kill two birds with one stone? Give your birthday girl the best gift ever and invite her favorite princess to her party! Imagine the look on your little one’s face when a real live mermaid walks through the front door, just in time to celebrate her special day with her. In addition to being the coolest birthday present in the world, inviting Princess My Party means you’ve also planned all your entertainment for the day as well! When all your hard work comes together and it’s finally time to enjoy the party, the last thing you want to do is chase around a bunch of toddlers for hours on end. Princess My Party offers a variety of packages to fit every party and every budget.

Each princess is suited with a custom gown and wig and has received professional training in character to makeup so you can rest easy knowing your big surprise will NOT disappoint. When the mermaid princess arrives, she’ll bring with her a bag full of goodies to ensure your birthday girl and her guests will have a blast and be entertained the entire time! Our packages feature a multitude of activities including princess lessons, singing, games, face painting, balloon twisting, princess makeovers, and much more! Our party activities are planned by 2 Wisconsin DPI Certified Teachers with over 30 years of combined experience in the classroom, so you can be confident your custom party activities will be a hit with your little princesses.

Our schedule fills quickly, so reserve your spot now! Book your party here!



3. Get the cake.


The tradition of a special cake at one’s birthday dates back to the ancient Romans. Since then, cake making has taken a whole new identity. Rather than being just a delicious sweet treat to enjoy, the concept of birthday cake has transformed into something of an art form. Check out this exquisite mermaid themed cake. The cake is a great opportunity to emphasize your party theme and utilize your chosen color palette! Before meeting with the bakery, put together some cakespiration from the internet. Print out images, color swatches, or even some embellishments or extra decorations you’d like added into the design! You’ll want plenty of pictures with your little one blowing out her birthday candles and enjoying her cake, so make sure to find a cake that has as much visual appeal as it does taste.

For a less conventional birthday treat, try cupcakes! They tend to be more affordable, easier to transport and you won’t have to worry about cutting the cake. You can even include some cupcake rings or decorative candies to reflect your under the sea theme! Tip: Graham Cracker crumbs make great edible sand! Shop our Party Supply Store for all your cake essentials such as Birthday Candles, Cake Toppers, and Cupcake Rings


4. Find the PERFECT outfit.


The next step is picking out her special birthday outfit! Your venue, planned activities, weather forecast and child’s age are all factors that should be considered when choosing your princess’s perfect outfit. For the little one that enjoys loves Ariel, but is a little too fussy for the glitz and glam, try this adorable outfit inspired by Ariel’s “Kiss the Girl” dress. If she’s all about the glitz and glam, imagine how much she would love a full mermaid tail and purple bandeau complete with lots of sparkle, and even her very own mermaid hair. If the birthday girl is more interested in the adventurous aspect of her favorite princesses, likes to play outside, and isn’t afraid to get her outfit dirty, try this cute combo of mermaid scale leggings and a sea shell tee! Click the following links to view Mermaid Outfits as well as accessories such as Hair bows and Tiaras from our Party Supply Store.


5. Plan Your Menu


Grab your dinglehoppers! If you feed them, they will come. Once you receive your RSVP’s back, you can start planning your menu. You want to have a good variety and be sure to check with your guests’ parents if any of the children have allergies or special diet restrictions. Unless you’re planning the bash as a dinner party, you’ll want to your table to consist of mainly finger foods. This method of casual eating will be easier to plan and more budget friendly as you won’t be expected to provide a full meal to each guest. You also have the opportunity to make some creative and oh-so adorable references to your theme. Check out these starfish finger sandwiches and seaweed pinwheels. They’re the perfect party food that’s easy and won’t break the bank. You can also play off traditional party foods such as chips and dip or pasta salad and give them a name that ties into your theme.

You’ll also want to include some sweet snacks to balance out the salty ones. The options are endless of the many ways you can incorporate your under the sea theme into sweets. Check out these mermaid tail cookies, candied pretzels, oyster cookies, and “coral” rock candy! For a healthier alternative, include some fresh fruit in a vibrant display. For a cute, tropical, budget-friendly drink that all guest can enjoy, whip up a cocktail of Hawaiian Punch, Lemon Lime soda, and some pineapple juice called “Sea Water”. And be sure not to forget about your mermaid-inspired serving essentials, like Cups, Plates, Straws, and Serving Platters.



6. Decorate the venue.



Probably the most exciting part of your party planning is building your under the sea wonderland. When planning for decorations, you’ll want to consider your party space, your color palette, and roughly how many guests you’ll be expecting. If you’re having your party at a restaurant or other commercial venue, it’s a good idea to call and ask what types of decorations are allowed. You don’t want to be surprised the day of the party.


First, start with decor for the walls. To stick with traditional decor, you could hang a Birthday Banner with a special message for the birthday girl. You can also adorn the walls with posters, artwork, garland and other signs that fit your theme.  You can also use your photos to decorate. Select some of your favorite pics of your little princess to add some personalization to the bash. Don’t forget to utilize the ceiling as well. You can dress up the space by adding streamers, balloons, or even these adorable jellyfish lanterns! Even if the room is well lit, you can always add some extra lighting to amp up your party game. If you want a more elegant touch to your extravaganza, we recommend using white string lights instead of colored. You can also use scented candles with an island/beachy scent to add to your lighting while also giving your setting a seaside aroma. You can also set up tables for activities and dress them with cute centerpieces  and mermaid themed decor. And don’t forget to have the appropriate music (like this Little Mermaid Soundtrack) to really set the scene!


Now that you’ve planned your decor and your menu, fuse them together to create a dazzling food display table. You can use balloons, sprinkles of confetti, some color coordinating table runners or even a mermaid-themed table skirt. Let your imagination run wild! Here you can choose to display all your crafty party food or just the sweets.


7. Build the perfect party favors.



Give your little guests a special something to bring home with them so they can remember the special day long after they leave! For just a few dollars per bag, you can make a chic swag bag that will impress even the pickiest attendees. You’ll want to include some sort of snack that they can enjoy like these adorable sea shell candies. It’s also nice to consider different personalities when deciding what goes in the bag. For the girly girl include a beauty item like these sea shell mirrors or princess nail polishes. For the crafty crowd, try some Ariel pencils. And for the active little tike, throw in a few ocean-themed bouncy balls. Your little one will be the talk of the playground for having the coolest birthday ever!


8. Send your thank you notes



After the fun is over, don’t forget to send off some cute thank you notes to thank your guest for their presence and gifts. This is great practice for your little one to employ both their writing skills and their new found princess manners. Even though the party is over you can even tie your thank you notes to your theme to remind them of the wonderful time they had at the coolest party in town! Once your thank you notes are sent, you can rest easy…and then start planning for next year.